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24 September 2014
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Liam's Granddad fought in the First World War and Liam still has artefacts from his time in the services.

Liam's Granddad fought in the First World War and Liam still has artefacts from his time in the services.
Story of a Leicestershire Soldier

Every family has a story to tell about a soldier who fought for Britain. Here BBC Leicester editor Liam McCarthy tells the story of his grandfather based on scraps left behind in a cardboard box of mementoes.


Click here for a tour through Liam's war memorabilia.
Click on the banner above for a tour through Liam's war memorabilia.

"My Granddad died in 1965. I was never old enough to talk to him about his experiences during the First World War and knowing what I do now I doubt he would have volunteered any information."

Foster William Charlton

Foster William Charlton was a true Leicester lad and was known as Bill to his mates. He joined the Royal Artillery in February 1909 and left in 1921 having risen to Sergeant. During the war he fought in France and went right through the conflict without a scratch. He was an "old contemptible" - one of the men who saw the war in and saw it out.

Piecing together the story from his army service book and photographs it seems he served with his best friend in the trenches and saw him wounded and subsequently die in 1918. As his friend lay dying in a field hospital he was visited by a priest who wrote down his dying words in a letter to his mother in Leicester.

Lillian Charlton nee Read

Lillian Charlton nee Read

"We found the letter tucked inside the cover of Granddad's service book - a treasured memory. In those last days my Granddad promised his friend he would look after his little sister for him, he married her and it was she who gave him the letter. And yes the little sister was my grandma."

Have you got a story to tell about a family hero? We would like to hear from you at BBC Leicester

Click here for a tour through Liam's war memorabilia.
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Royal British Legion
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