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24 September 2014

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April 2004
Ay up me duck - can you speak Leicester?

Gerrout o' me road or yull make us mardy
Do you know your cob from your cob on or your cardi from your okey? Check out our mini Leicester dictionary and send in your contributions
audio Ben Jackson talks to Jeremy Butterfield, editorial director of Collins English Dictionary (28k)
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Leicester-born playwright Joe Orton took elocution lessons to get rid of his local accent

In Pygmalion, heroine Eliza Doolittle is taught to lose her cockney accent so she can become a lady

The term Estuary English was coined in 1984 by linguist David Rosewarne
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are kid/mi chip - brother
ark at it! -listen to it. ie raining.  
arr aint yorn - that doesn't belong to you
at's wad I rek'on - that's my summary of the situation
Av gorra gerrit straight the way – I have got to get it straight away
av notruckweim - don't have anything to do with him
aya guwin uptaarn? - are you going to town?
ay up me duck - good day madam/sir

bungole - cheese

charlie's dead - excuse me, I think your underskirt is showing beneath your dress
We gorrem up the chip ole

chip ole - chip shop
cob - roll/bap
coddie - foreman
coggie - swimming costume
corseppen - a special apron worn on wash days
cotty - tangled hair
crash the ash! - I think it's your turn to give me a cigarette
- doctor

croggy - a ride hitched on a bicycle
the cut - canal

dazzers - swimming costume
dobber - condom
duwonote? - would you like anything?

duck's necks - bottle of pop
du ya na wat a meen? - Do you know what I mean?

E were in a bob'ole - He was in a den/hiding place
e's gorra chin on - he's being grumpy
'ees gorra cobbon - he seems to be upset
eyer gorrany rocks? - have you any sweets?
Eyu gorrit? - Do you perchance have it?
eza drip - he is a little slow

Aya got yur ganzi?

five and twenty to/past - Twenty-five to/past the hour
frowawobbler - get mad
gaff - home
ganzi - jumper
ginnel - alleyway or side-path  
ger off onit - are you serious?
gerrout o' me road - allow me to pass
gerr ouwt on it - don't exaggerate
gis a bit - Could I have a piece of that?
gis a gleg - give me a look at it gisasuckoyercore - could I have the rest of your apple if you don't want it?

gawpin - staring
gizs a croggy in ya grid - give me a ride on your bike.
gisit 'ere - please pass that to me
giz that - ah gen it ya! - give me that... I gave it to you!
goin bed - I'm going up to bed
gorra bag on - in a mood
gun gerruz a punnit for the guzgogs - Please fetch me a punnet for the gooseberries

Gorragehmehbathothisafto - I have to get my bathing costume this afternoon
ha sit goin? - how is it going?
how much chissit? - how much is it?

I ain't gorrote - I haven't got any money
I inner gorrit - I don't have it
n't it ot? - isn't it warm today?
I ain't purrin up wi it - I won't allow this
I ain't up Co'ville - don't speak so loudly
it's a bit parky - it's cold
it's black over Bill's mother's - it's about to rain

jewonna - would you like?
jitty - allyway
jollop - medicine
Krilyon - Loughborough Carillon Tower
karzi – toilet/outhouse

bacon cob
It ain't a roll it's a cob
laggy bands - elastic bands
laropped - drunk
ler 'er gerron wi' it - I suggest we let her do it
leery - cheeky person
Lester right - a person residing in Leicester
lugholes - ears

mardy - grumpy
mashin - brewing the tea
medadzgorrajag    - my dad has got a jaguar mekitgobakkuds - put it in reverse
me tabs ar fruz - my ears are frozen
mi mam - my mother
m'ungry - I'm hungry
Necky Becky - nosey
nesh - cold  
noseoowereewiv - who was he with?

nowt - nothing
oakey - an ice-cream
oat - anything

old cock - friend
on-ya-todd - alone
oooooh ya - ouch!
ooooyawh beggaw - well goodness me! oohyerbeggaryafritmetadeth - goodness me you gave me a scare
ooo ya bewteh - amazing
ooya date - expression of surprise
ooyah kinkah - oh my goodness
ow a ya?- how are you?
owmachisit?-  What is the cost?

pack it in - stop it
pack puggin!
- stop picking your nose!
padge-owl - a woman out alone at night
peg- railway signal
plaggy bags - plastic bags
puthering down with rain - bucketing it down

reccy - playing fields
rekon yuruptuit?
- do you think you can handle it?

s'ard init? - it's hard, isn't it?
scratchings - left over bits of batter sprinkled on chips
seizure - see you
sen - alternative to self
shlatternipumfrit - I'll have to return home for it
she looked at me gone out - she looked at me in an odd way
shurrup - be quiet
shut your cakehole/gob - please be quiet
skank/skanked - to leave someone
skants - pants/underwear
skelington - the bones of your body
smoochin along - going for a stroll
snaps - lunch
snitch - tale teller
sonia bed - it is on your bed
Squoze - squeezed
stop mithering me - don't bother me
summit - something
topomehed - top of my head

the offy - off licence

snowy railway
Ye goin up rally?

the rally - railway line
up the jit - through the passageway
waranooter - please take note of that woreewivu - was he with you?

who's mashing - who's making the tea
assup? - What is going on?
well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs what a surprise
what's going off? - what's going on?
whereworrenoowoorewi - where was he and  who was he with?
wob oer - tumble over
worro - hello

Got yer coggeh for swimin?

y'ain't frit are ye? - I hope you are not afraid yavinowt teet? - are you having anything to eat?
ya carnt mek me do it - you can't make me do it
y'ungry? - are you hungry?
yakit - throw it
you cat Anna - stop being naughty
you throw your money about like a man with no arms - you're a miser

Thanks to Bob Thacker of Taupo North Island, New Zealand, Fergus, Liz Blackshaw, Tony Jarram from Loughborough, Emma Faulkner, Chris Steiner, Karen Bernstein, Tabby and Wendy Taylor, Chris Edwards, Ewan Kirk formerly of Thurmaston, now in Birmingham, R Barnet, Gayle Anderson, Mick Pickering, Phil in Perth, West Oz, Corrine Clarke, Jim Mitchinson, John Rymer of Syston, David Sudale, Phil Croft, Sharon Hall, Walter Fowler, Wendy, John Keats, Australian ex-pat John Sutton, Arthur Bausor of Thurnby Lodge, John's old grannie and former City Boy Mike Pinckard.

Have you got any words to add to our dictionary? Email them here.

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