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28 October 2014
Legacies - Western Scotland

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Crofting and Land Reform

The tilling of the soil is the most natural of all occupations, and the agriculturist, when all is said and done, is perhaps the most important member of the community, Without the results of his labours we are poor indeed, for most of our so-called necessaries of life are but luxuries when the fruits of the soil are at stake.

“Scottish Life And Character”, Dobson, H.J. & Sanderson, Wm, London, 1919, p117

After the commotion of the Jacobite rebellion Scotland settled down to a much quieter way of life. While the south, and particularly Edinburgh, enjoyed the changes the Enlightenment brought, the Highlands looked set to return to its quiet, farming-based existence. With the clan system broken up as a result of post-’45 legislation, land ownership and tenancy took a new shape. More...

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