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28 October 2014
Legacies - North East Wales

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Immigration and Emigration
The Main gate at Penley
The Main gate at Penley

© A. Bereza
Penley Poles

In Maelor, near the towns of Wrexham and Whitchurch in North East Wales, is the former site of the Polish Hospital at Penley. For nearly 60 years, the hospital cared for Polish ex-servicemen and their families who settled in the area, and who formed a unique community in and around the former US Army camp.

The Poles had undertaken a long and arduous journey from their homeland, displaced by the events of World War 2, when Poland was attacked by both Germany and the Soviet Union. Germany invaded from the north, west and south on September 1, 1939, with the Soviet Union invading from the unprotected east two weeks later. Poland was divided between Germany and the Soviet Union with over one million Poles deported to camps in Germany, and one and a half million Poles deported to Soviet camps. More...

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