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28 October 2014
Legacies - Strathclyde

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Immigration and Emigration
The Calvary at Holy Family Church, Mossend
Lithuanians in Lanarkshire

Lithuanians first seem to have come to Scotland during the latter part of the 19th Century. There is a rumour, which has passed down to today, that some had arrived in the country as soldiers who had defected from the Czar's army during the Crimean War, but this appears to be unfounded. More...

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Your comments

1 Joan Collins from - 11 December 2003
"Being a second generation Scot of Lithuanian heritage, it is only now in my 50's I am beginning to find out about my maternal grandparents and how they separately came to London in the early 1900's met and married there and came to Mossend where they spent the rest of their lives. I have now come to realise through speaking to my elderly relations how they managed survive, through great hardship and why they stuck to their own community and did not mix very much. On another note, I visited Lithuania this summer and I felt it was like going home with the same food and customs that still continue in my own home handed down to me by my mother and aunt. I hope to find out more about the Lithuanian's who came to Scotland from your page. "

2 Charlie King from Motherwell - 12 November 2003
"It's such a shame the "Lithy" Club is facing such tough times, the council should step in to help save a Lanarkshire institution!"

3 Gillian Dempsey from Stirling - 12 November 2003
"I had no idea there were so many Lithuanians in Scotland, it's such a fantastic story, how they settled here. "

4 Danny Mitchell from Bellshill Scotland - 15 October 2003
"There must be something happened at that time,my grandfather was in the Czar's at that time. A few of them came to bellshil area to work in the mines. No idea if he defected. He died 1921 the police came every so often to check on them as they were called alliens I don't know if that's a name that people gave them but there were a few in the area at that time."

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