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28 October 2014
Legacies - South-West Scotland

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Immigration and Emigration
Loudon Hall, Ayr's trading centre
Covenanting Colonies

In 1682 the James of Irvine set out from Port Glasgow on an exploratory voyage to the pirate-infested coast of the Carolinas. To meet all contingencies she sailed under the war-experienced, ex-privateering master George Dreddan. The supercargo was the sixteen-year old Ayr merchant John Crawford junior. His mission was to spy out the land for a new and independent "Scots lot" remote from English colonial governorship. He acted on behalf a consortium headed by the Ayrshire gentlemen - John Cochrane of Ochiltree and George Campbell of Cessnock. They had opened negotiations with the English proprietors of 12,000 acres for the establishment of a "Covenanters colony". More...

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Your comments

1 F. Harrison Wallace, Jr. from Fort Mill, South Carolina USA - 29 December 2003
"Excellent story. My own family came from Ayrshire in 1706 passing through Charleston to move beyond the coastal areas claimed by the English to settle new lands in the Kingstree, Sumpter, Lake City areas of South Carolina. The lower coastal area (on both sides of the Savanna River) was always in dispute with the Spanish. That is why the Carolina welcomed the Georgia colony to act as a buffer to the Spanish. But, this is the first I've learned about this Carolina adventure to create a Scottish settlement. Wonderful Scholarship!"

2 Frederick S. Buchanan from Stevenson, Ayrshire - 10 December 2003
"I was fascinated by the account of a Scottish settement being attempted in the Carolinas in the 1680s and wonder why such history was never even mentioned when I studied history at Stevenston Higher Grade School in the 1940s. Splendid example of local history in a larger context. Thanks. "

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