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18 June 2014
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Legacies - South Yorkshire

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Immigration and Emigration
Mormon emigration from Sheffield

Modern day Memmotts

William Memmott's family arrived in Salt Lake City on Thursday September 12 1861 and continued to occupy high profile positions within the Mormon Church. Thomas was ordained as a High Priest in 1901, and later became president of the High Priests in the Millard Stake (the equivalent of a diocese).

William and Ann Wilson Memmott
William and Ann Wilson Memmott, father of Thomas Memmott
© Courtesy of Hal Memmott
The John and William Memmott Family Association was formed in 1972 to help Memmott descendents research their family's heritage. The association now meets once a year, when members of the Memmott family from all across America and the rest of the world attend these gatherings. The association publish a family bulletin each year containing articles on family history, accomplishments, births, and deaths amongst other things. There are now 275 Memmott family surnames on the association's mailing list; although they still believe there are more undiscovered Memmotts out there!

The high genealogical interest within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is due to its belief in the eternal nature of the family and in its belief of performing saving ordinances for those who died without the opportunity to receive them. Members are encouraged to seek out their ancestry and have these saving ordinances performed for them by proxy in temples of the Church.

The story of the Memmott family's emigration from Sheffield and their subsequent enthusiasm for tracing their family history reveals one consequence of migration. By leaving Sheffield, the land of their ancestors, the Memmott family lost many of their roots. Although part of a historic movement, they ended up in a new land, with no history of their own. Tracing the family's heritage enables displaced people to reclaim their roots and identity.

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Your comments

1 JoAnn Memmott Frost from Salt Lake City, Utah - 23 January 2004
"Thank you for your wonderful work. I am a decentant of William Memmott and was just browsing on google and put in the name of Memmott. What a pleasant surprise to know so much has been done. Thank you. "

2 Richard Anthony Ward from Yorkshire - 21 December 2003
"I too am a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter Day Saints. I joined in 1982 and it changed my life. The reason the world persicutes the Latter Day Saints is that they are a threat to Satan and hisa power. The Latter day saints no longer follow polig omy and have not done so since it became ilegal in America. We believe in sustaining the law. The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is continuing to grow and will do so until they are represented in every corner of the world. "

3 Stephen Buck from Burley Idaho - 10 October 2003
"I very much enjoyed your Lagacies article as my ancestors were Mormon converts like the Memmott's. They also made the voyage across the Atlantic and then proceeded an additional 2300 miles to Utah. I would, however, differ as to why the Mormon missionaires were successful in England. Converts did not leave England hoping for an easier life, at least in most cases. They had to pay for at least part of the trip out of their own means, travel under trying circumstances, sometimes by foot, over the plains of American and then settle in what is essentially the American desert. They carved their homestead out of this desert by their own ingenuity. Joining the Church was not a means of escaping proverty but a labor of conviction. Thank you again for the article, history with a face on it is so much more moving and interesting."

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