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28 October 2014
Legacies - Lincolnshire

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Immigration and Emigration
Roman arch
Roman Newport Arch in Lincoln

© Courtesy of the City of Lincoln Council
Lincolnshire's Roman roads

Britain’s first network of roads was built by the Romans, and with it came the expansion of the established Iron Age towns, such as Dragonby and Ancaster in Lincolnshire, as well as development of new towns along the routes. The case of the A46 and Lincoln is one clear example. The A46, actually named Fosse Way by the Anglo-Saxons, pre-dates the city. Initially Lincoln was a Roman military fortress, and then later a retirement home for Roman legionnaires, the city of Lincoln owes its very existence to this road. More...

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Your comments

1 Susan Warren from Lincoln - 24 November 2003
"Well also during this time they were building a castle to fight the enemies with. They built it high up so they could see what the enemies were going to do in attacking, and also they had special secret hide outs so that there enemies could not see where they were or what they were doing. This is a special peice of information to the lincolnshire people and this is where we go to find out more about where we live. Thank you Susie wars"

2 Fosse Way from nottingham - 18 November 2003
"very informative"

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