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13 November 2014

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Riverside - Paul Tomlin

Riverside Leeds, pic: Paul Tomlin

Is Leeds missing out?

Top architect Maxwell Hutchinson infuriated council chiefs in Leeds two years ago when he predicted that the thousands of new flats being put up were "the slums of the future". Now he's back...

Hutchinson's film was shown on BBC One's Inside Out during September 2006, in it he claimed, "there are worrying signs that Yorkshire is about to make the same mistakes that we have made in London over  20 years ago".

Maxwell Hutchinson arrives in Leeds

Maxwell Hutchinson arrives in 2006

One of Maxwell's concerns was the dearth of services in city centre Leeds, he was concerned at the lack of doctors, dentists and schools. He believed that Leeds was storing up problems by not building city-centre communities.

Now it's 2009 and over two years later, Maxwell is unrepentant and has come back to give his view of recession-hit Leeds for Inside Out. In the latest film he also meets council leader Andrew Carter.

Inside Out, the regional current affairs programme, is broadcast weekly on BBC One. See Maxwell's latest film on Wednesday 28 January 2009 at 7.30pm.

What do you think of the new additions to Leeds' skylines? Where has the city gone right or wrong? Drop us a line...

You say:

It seems to me that Maxwell Hutchinson has come back to stir up controversy again. Coming back in mid winter, in mid recession is hardly giving the place a fair chance, and is just showing Leeds in its worst light. In reality, the central residential market is doing reasonably well, particularly property letting. Leeds has actually moved on a lot in the last two years, there are noticeable changes on the ground as well as the skyline, there are now plenty of convenience stores, a GP and dentist practice and continued environmental improvements. I still don't understand what Maxwell's crusade is about, does he dislike modern apartments? their location? or Leeds? perhaps the northern cities in general?
Robert S, Horsforth

Having seen Maxwell Hutchinson's report on Close Up North, it seems he just doesn't like the concept of urban living in the city centre. Well no-one is making him live there so I don't see why he should be so bitter at Leeds, which is only taking on board what all other major cities all around the world are doing. At the end of the day, there are around 6,000 city centre dwellings where young profesionals want to live and families don't want to live, and there are about 400,000 other dwellings in and around Leeds where families do want to live. So what's the problem? he should get it all into perspective.

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created: 26/01/2009

You are in: Leeds > Places > Places features > Is Leeds missing out?

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