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28 October 2014

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You are in: Leeds > Students > Diaries > Everything rosy on campus?

Headingley campus

Laura's beloved Headingley campus

Everything rosy on campus?

Laura has reservations about the relocation of her faculty to the new Rose Bowl development.

Having been at Leeds Metropolitan University for nearly two years now, I personally have grown greatly attached to the Headingley campus. With the traditional buildings surrounding the acre, it has the feel of an American University, and the fact that it is a ten minute walk from my house in Headingley is a definite bonus.

The news of the Rose Bowl development (a completely new business school to be built near the town centre) will see all of the business school Headingley folk being uprooted and transferred to the new building in September 2009. This will mean that when many of my friends and I return after industrial placements, we will be studying at an entirely new campus - the question is, will this be good or bad?

It seems like I'm being very ungrateful for the time and money spent on the development, I'm not. I realise that the new facilities will benefit me and my fellow students greatly. The development itself boasts a five floor signature glass building adjacent to the Civic Quarter campus and will include offices, lecture theatres, teaching areas and a café. The new location will allow business students to be closer to, and develop better relationships with the Leeds business community.

The Rose Bowl being so close to the Civic Quarter, will also allow more interaction between students, I personally have never even been inside the Civic Quarter buildings. So with the Rose Bowl offering everything the Headingley campus does and more, are there any negatives?

In a word, yes. Although Leeds Business School in its entirety will be in one place, the Rose Bowl is more of a distance from Headingley than.....well, the Headingley campus! With a large majority of students living in or around the Headingley area, it will be more difficult for students to get to the Rose Bowl than it is for them to walk the short ten minutes to the Headingley campus.

This might therefore affect the levels of attendance and result in an increase in the number of students being late. The counter-argument to this is that students will have to move closer to the campus, possibly into the city or to Hyde Park, resulting in further problems due to the sheer number of students (from both Leeds Met and Leeds Uni) wishing to live in such areas.

This in mind, my housemates and I will begin house hunting much earlier than we did last year! I realise however that the benefits of the new development outweigh the much lesser negatives! Also, with the Rose Bowl being so close to the city centre, retail therapy will help to fill those free periods between lectures!!

last updated: 21/02/2008 at 11:53
created: 21/02/2008

You are in: Leeds > Students > Diaries > Everything rosy on campus?


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