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28 October 2014

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You are in: Leeds > Students > Diaries > Gossip, cocktails and duvets on the sofa!

Magazines on shelves

The wonderful world of celebrity gossip

Gossip, cocktails and duvets on the sofa!

All the constituent parts of a student lifestyle....according to diarist Daisy Banham.

All about Daisy

"I'm currently in my third year at Leeds University studying Communications. I love the city of Leeds and after living in a quiet village Surrey for most of my life, it has been amazing having the opportunity to experience such a lively and cosmopolitan city.

My constant excitement about my time in Leeds has meant that my brother joined me this year and so he is having fun in his first year. I am currently considering what I'm going to do after University and getting scared and excited about properly 'growing up'."

In my last diary entry I discussed my interview for the PGCE course. A few days later I found out that I hadn't been awarded a place. I was a bit surprised although a big part of me felt relieved.

Career choices are difficult and I was never totally sure about being a teacher; the main attraction of the course was having the next year planned for me so that I didn't have more confusion about what to do in life.

Even after I'd applied for the course I was applying for work experience on magazines in London because magazine work is my real passion. The PGCE rejection has really pushed me into pursuing a career in this area. I am the celebrity gossip queen so working on a magazine would be just like a day at home!

Career issues aside, the past week or so in Leeds has been pretty busy. I've had a few meetings to discuss an exciting new magazine project that I'm getting involved in and it has also been two of my flatmates' birthdays. This has involved spending a whole day shopping for presents which was quite stressful (fussy people are terrible to buy for) and ended up with me returning home with clothes for myself as well as gifts for others!

On Thursday night we all headed into town for 2-4-1 cocktails. Always a dangerous idea and we were on a mission to get suitably drunk. Quite a few Mojito and Summerbreeze cocktails later, we made our way to the club where we had managed to get VIP access.

The night was a great one; plenty of laughs with one of the birthday girls repeatedly falling over, a decent amount of drama and excitement and lots of dancing which is all a bit of a blur looking back. The following day was spent recovering in the living room snuggling under duvets on the sofa with chip butties. Ah the typical life of a student!

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created: 12/02/2008

You are in: Leeds > Students > Diaries > Gossip, cocktails and duvets on the sofa!


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