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28 October 2014

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Video stars, Shakinouts

Shakin' Street

Shakinouts are a Leeds band who believe gigging is the future of the music industry, and with sales plummeting, who can blame them. We find out why a video company was so impressed, they filmed a video for free!

Jamie Williamson and his band Shakinouts have already impressed enough people that he may be on his way to emulating his namesake - Stooges guitarist James Williamson.

The band used to be known as the Ins & Outs, and as usual with bands have gone through various line-up changes, before the current line up came together with a change of name to boot. We asked Jamie about the band and how they got their video filmed for free!

"We've been on the go for about 18 months, and we gig as much as we can. I suppose you have to these days if people are gonna remember you as there are so many bands out there! You can't walk round Leeds for more than ten yards without bumping into someone who's in a band!"

"Our influences are quite varied: drummer Alex likes his soul stuff, bassist Ben is more of a classic rock man - Zep, Sabbath etc.; while my tastes run from The Smiths to Bowie to classic Motown. The Motown way of writing memorable tunes is something I can really identify with. We want to write tight, catchy pop tunes that stay in your head. Nothing we write, lasts much more than two and a half minutes."

Jamie Williamson

Jamie Williamson

"We've mainly gigged around Leeds so far but we're just starting to spread our wings and MySpace obviously helps in getting gigs. It's the modern way - we don't really have to deal with promoters. It usually comes down to bands swapping gig opportunities with each other. Obviously now that we've got our video on the page, that helps enormously as people see us as a more serious prospect, rather than a bedroom band."

"The video came about through EKO Video. Andy from the company saw us in May 2007 at Joseph's Well and really liked us. They were just at the stage of getting into music video so were looking for a guinea pig to experiment on, I suppose! At first, we thought it might be a spiel from some chancer selling his company's wares, but they were so keen to branch out they offered us the chance to film the video for free. Funnily enough....we accepted the invitation!!"

"Performing for the video was a bit odd. We were all a bit self-conscious at first, as the company wanted us to replicate a gig performance....without the audience!! We had to perform the track ("Time You Were Told") over thirty times. It was exhausting but looking at the finished product - it was worth it. Especially as we've got loads of gigs off the back of it as people could see we were a young, brash, energetic band not some gang of hoary old pub-rockers!!"

"We're just happy to be gigging at the moment. Recordings-wise, I'm sure we'd love to get a single out there but it has to be right. We're gonna release something for the sake of it, because there's just too much competition out there to put anything substandard onto the market and as far as albums go, they seem to be selling less and less as people 'cherrypick' their music when they download. Why bother recording album filler when no-one will bother to download it!?"

Shakinouts can be found gigging regularly around Yorkshire and you can check out the video at their MySpace page:    

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You are in: Leeds > Entertainment > Music > Local Heroes > Shakin' Street

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