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28 October 2014

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Leeds Utd

Kevin Blackwell
Kevin Blackwell on the touchline

Position vacant at Elland Road

Have your say on United's new that Kevin Blackwell has gone.

A statement from the Elland Road club reads:

"The club would like to place on record its thanks to Kevin for the work he has put in over the past three and a half years, the past two and a half of which were as manager."

One-time goalkeeper Blackwell was assistant boss at Sheffield United before becoming Leeds' head coach under Peter Reid in 2003.

audio Adam Pope's round-up of Blackwell at Leeds United >
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He took charge himself in June 2004. In that time he has seen Leeds through financial crisis and lead the Whites to the play-off finals last season.

However, a string of bad results have left Leeds United at the foot of the Championship and a cup win against Barnet was not enough for Blackwell to avoid the axe.

So - Kevin Blackwell has gone, who would you like to see as the new manager of Leeds United?

In a special programme on BBC Radio Leeds on Wednesday 20 Septembers callers mentioned a number of names including Dennis Wise, Alan Curbishley and even David O'Leary.

last updated: 21/09/06
Have Your Say
Who would you like to see as the new Leeds United manager? What would your farewell message to Kevin Blackwell be?
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Danny, Doncaster
I've just read in the paper (20/10/06) that Gary McAllister will be the next Leeds manager. No disrespect to Gary but we are in big trouble and we need a manager with experience to get us out of trouble.I think Hoddle would have been a good choice and if the job was offered to him he would have come to Leeds.For all I know he could have been offered the job. But let me guess, Bates didn't want to pay good wages to get a decent manager? Once again like I said before, Bates will ALWAYS chooses the cheap opption.

Come on Mr Bates, we need a permanent manager now, or are you waiting until we have less than 5000 at home, and we are bottom of the league. Agree with comments made by Mullen below, Hoddle is the man

stephen watters
´David Oleary..

Gwyn Jervis
Anyone has got to be better than what we have at the moment. We need someone wo can make the players play as currently none of them deserve to wear the Leeds shirt

I think we should give Carver time,maybe the rest of the season,he is attack minded and i have a good feeling about him MOT ps this was written before the foxes game.

Jonathan Duffield
The club need direction after Stoke defeat. Come on Mr Bates tell us what is happening. If we cannot attract Curbishley, then we must swallow our pride and ask Dennis Wise to take over and motivate the players. Long term or short term - we need a clear way forward

Michael Lapsley
After that Stoke atrocity, we need to appoint somebody now, or we are going down again. Carver not the answer, i like the idea of Hoddle - appoint him now!

carl smith
i would like to see george burley now of southhampton takeover as the new leeds coach after all we cant afford a big name the best thing we can do is sell the club and get some new investment in ,and good riddence to kevin blackwell

ronald howard swindon wilts
i have been a leeds fan for a long time. i have seen the good days. and the bad days. i would like to see david o leary back at elland road. he would get the respect of the players.

Mullen of Milngavie
Forget Curbishley - he's done. Wise and McAllister are too inexperienced. Carver - we might as well of kept Blackwell, job too big for him. Hoddle is the man - kickstarted the Chelsea revolution, unlucky with England in World Cup, gets on with Bates. He ticks all the right boxes.

josh hoy
he was okay one season but rubish i want vinnie jones as manager he will be great

Cameron Rigg
KB had to go - we were in the relegation zone - i know its the first month but well done KB for the last 2 years!!! Lets get a old premiership manager!!

Headingley Dave
Agree with LC - Hoddle is the man. Carver? Might as well have stuck with Blackwell. We're a big club, we need a big manager

Ryan Mills
aln curbishly is the man he did well with charltonand got the respect of everyone in england for what he did with charlton so he is the man no one else

Alan Curbishley
Proven track record at championship and premiership levels will also put afew more bums on empty seats at Elland Rd

L C The Weedgie Cabby
We need divine intervention, so how about Glen Hoddle?

I've said from day one that KB was not the right manager.He just didn't seem to have enough passion.As for Curbishley, yes a fantastic manager, but you don't think he will come to Leeds if he was offered the job do you, when he could walk into any premiership club. No I will tell you what Leeds will do. They will employ some has been cheap manager just like they have been signing has been players.

stuart kamasz
I think Kevin had a thankless job. He has played his part and should be thanked but he is not the man to take Leeds forward. Curbishley would be my pick as he has proved himself with limited resources and commands great respect from players.

Please stop all this talk of big names.I think CURBISHLEY would be just wright for the job,but if he won't come he will never succede,he wants to achieve things,he wants a big club man city,newcastle what have they ever achieved.Carver deserves respect he excites me with his vision for the future,he reminds me of another untried young man, (before he messed up)show CARVER respect and support while he's in the hot seat.MOT

Martin, Melbourne
JC inspired his men to knock off the Championship favourites. While he commands the respect of the players and fans, and is putting results on the board, why fix something that ain't broken? Leave him to it. After so long as understudy at Newcastle under Sir Bobby, if he's not ready to do the job now he never will be.

Simon Smith
Sorry you had to go Kevin, you did a tremendous amount for the club.I think John Carver should be given the opportunity to show what he can do, he's had a very good mentor in Sir Bobby, who knows he might be our man. Other than that Alan Curbishley or David O'Leary, after all I never thought O'Leary should have been sacked in the first place.

Nick - Milton Keynes
We fluked our results while blackwell was in charge. Lets get a ngood manager to get us winning again

steve , winchester
its got to be claudio ranieri,done a good job under k.bates before thanks k.blackwell for what you have done.

For goodness sake get a grip,some of you talk as if we were crewe.KB has gone the good times are here,I really hope all you blackwell fans remember your folly.

I like Carver's style. Entertainment, attacking football, shots on goal. Things that have been in very short supply at ER of late. It's too early to call for a permanent appointment but another month of this kind of football and all Leeds fans will be crying out for him to get the job permanently.

CARVER got it wright ATTACK we're in a league of dross we would win many more than we'd lose.If Carver keeps winning he may win us over,he may be just what we need,a man with no fear,i for one wish him all the best because it has nothing to do with luck.

Darren Bilbie
Next Manager:Garry Mc Allister. Farewell Message. Glad to see the back of you!

blackwell was rubbish alan curbishlys the futere

Jon Jose, Shrewsbury
K.B. helped Leeds through some testing times but play off final was shocking, downhill since then. No money for squad players, so must have some sympathy but in the end had to go for the sake of the club. Next man for the job? NOT Glenn Hoddle!! :-) Marching on together..

Look where we are in the table thats what KB did.Who knows how much money we have.Some of you don't sound like LEEDS fans,Ken Bates wants the big time,are you comming for the ride,i know i am.

Jordan , Leeds
I know a little Irishman Who gets the fans excited I'm glad he left old Manchester And he came to Leeds United 'Cos Johnny Giles of Ireland Is the general of United And if Don Revie had his way Then Johnny would be knighted When Johnny takes a penalty The goalie looks quite sorry And Billy Bremner dare not look But he really needn't worry He puts the ball down on the spot The goalkeeper is sweatin' He does his sort of an Irish gig The ball is in the nettin' It's Johnny Giles of Ireland And the general of United And if Don Revie had his way Then Johnny would be knighted (spoken: Oh yes, he sure would) It must be all the stew he eats That gives him his endurance 'Cos if you meet him in the street He'll sell you some insurance Oh Johnny Giles of Ireland The general of United And if Don Revie had his way Then Johnny would be knighted And if Don Revie had his way Then Johnny would be knighted

Keith Arnold
Blackie did a sound job but wasn't tacticly astute enough to take us where we belong.We need a manager who can handle the pressure and produce the goods on the pitch Glenn Hoddle maybe?

it has got to be mike newell........ the guys got lots to offer and leeds is the place for him to do it

Paul - Leeds
Sorry to see Kevin Blackwell go in such a manner, could so easily have been better handled by the club. He was the right man for the job at the time, but the situation has now changed. He did an excellent job to steer the club through a traumatic time. Who to have replace him? My choice; David O'Leary. He's learnt a lot since being at Leeds before, plus not everything that went wrong before was his fault. He can motivate players and has a passion for Leeds United. Whoever we get is going to have an uphill struggle with the squad we have and lack of funds.

Tracy Sydney NSW
Whoever gets the job, will find it hard. I'd love to see O'Leary back. Thanks to Kevin for doing what he could under difficult circumstances. The main job is to get us back where we belong, come on LEEDS.

bernie green
he did a good job but unable to tack them to the next level. selling hulse was abad move.Id like Do to fill the position, AS he said years ago, He's got unfinished buissnes at LEEDS.

david o leary
blackwell did a gd job but faild to get leeds where we need to be and thats premiership and you guys in bbe radio leeds are good commantry ppl and keep it up from david bird a real leeds fan come on leeds we can do it boyz just score goals and thanks for the 3.1 win

Johnny Giles is the man.

Leeds Fan.
Quote "PLUS HE HATES MAN UTD IF WE GET BACK TO THE PRIEMERSHIP" rob,kilmarnock. Well done Rob, obviously that's all that really matters isn't it. That's just what we need to get us back in the Premiership, forget the money and the players and all the work that has to go in to sorting the club out. As long as we hate Man U we'll be fine, and I'm sure Man U are really really bothered by this fact, what with the Champions League football every other week and been on top of the premiership. Rob, there is an old saying, "If you haven't got anything constructive to say..."

Jim Morgan
Many thanks Kevin, you took on a job not many managers would have. Unfortunately it would seem you have been made a scapegoat for problems that arose before your arrival. Once again thanks for all your hard work and good luck for the future, you will be missed..

LEEDS fans want the best,no excuses,if this is the best KB could do, good riddance we are a big club and some of us will never be silent.If a manager comes here he better do the job, its the only way to keep your job.All you fans who support KB just admit you were wrong,get behind curbishley and move on,the club is bigger than all of us,MOT

I'm not sure Kevin Keegan would be a winner with the fans after his tussle with King Billy in 1974. Again an unproven manager is not what we need either if we are to move forward. Keegan has done nothing at Club or International level and its not through lack of money.

No one can be seriously thinking of O'Leary for the managers job he did us no good in the past we wanted id of him then we dont want him back now.

gary smith
thanks kevin for all your help in getting us out of a huge mess.sorry to see you go.the new manager can only be alan curbishley

Chris Cooper - Los Angeles
As a lifetime Leeds fan living in the US it has been difficult sometimes to see from afar what has been going on, I was sorry to see KB go in some respects, but sometimes think he brought things upon himself, in particular, the play off final in Cardiff, (which I attended flying 18 hours from LA) Leeds were a shambles that day and tactics were sadly lacking, coupled with a terrible start to the season, and a flury of late goals against us, and that finished him off. Any new manager coming to Leeds will have a tough time as we've no money if its Glen Hoddle, the lads will have training sessions with "faith healers," if its Kevin Keegan (he will walk out on us after 6 games) after all, he walks out of everywhere else he has managed, including England, and we will be back to square one, I believe that Keagan won't come coz he hates Leeds, I don't think Alan Curbishley, will come as he wants a premier team, so who's that leave us? Dennis Wise (popular with the Leeds fans (???)) crys of Wise out before he's even appointed, David O'leary (good manager at least Gary Kelly will know him) popular with the fans, knows the club, we did very well with him when he took over from George Graham, brought a lot of the youth team through introduced Woody into the team, as well as Harry Kewell, Smithy, bought Mark Viduka, so perhaps its time for David to return to Leeds for unfinished business to be attended to, if he can do it again, he really will be imortal Greetings from a very Sunny and hot Los Angeles Come on you whites!!!

Get real Bates.The p;ayers need sacking,not the manager KB did a magnificent job in very difficult circumstances got leeds to a final(when did that last happen)built a team out of nothing.This will go well on his CV.The players should be ashamed of themselves. Passion NO.Playing just for wages YES.Bring in Strachan

Darren Clark , Leeds
Blackwell came and did the job when others wouldn't have touched it with a barge pole . Lets be honest about it , he was an average manager doing his best with an average team . Last years play off final was a fluke and the sooner the fans realise that Leeds do not have a divine right to be a big club the better . Good luck Kev , you are probably better off out of it .

Paul - Leeds
Sorry to see Kevin Blackwell go under such circumstances, but he was the manager that Leeds needed at the time. The time has moved on and we need a motivator to get the players and club fired up. Why not O'Leary? After all he had the respect of players. He might have gone after the dream, but at least it was entertaining football. Constantly blaming O'Leary and Ridsdale for our woes is easy, but don't forget O'Leary had to go to Ridsdale to finance the purchase of a player he wanted, Ridsdale had to sell the idea and the need to spend to the rest of the board. Didn't notice any of the board putting a stop to supposed excessive costs. Let them shoulder some of the blame and stop making O'Leary the scapegoat.

Malcolm Henrick
If as it seems there is still no real money available in the club, what chance is there of any so called "big" name manager coming to Leeds, Kevin Blackwell was as so many have already said, a decent bloke but the Leeds job is a massive challenge to anyone considering it. A name that springs to my mind would be Steve Cotterill at Burnley, what he has done for them considering what money has been made available to him, over the last few years is truly amazing, and he has got them currently third in the league.


Michael, Birmingham
Ultimately a team wins matches by playing good effective football. KB failed to get the Leeds players to do that. Bring on someone who has the experience (Curbishley)

colin phippen
Many thanks to Kevin. I cant believe that the board have taken this decision so early in the season, we have had some stability at the club but now that has gone again.

Dave from Whitkirk
KB will have a nice pay-off, 3 years wages, he'd never have been at Leeds that long anyway so he doesn't lose and I can't feel sorry for the man. However, he had a shot at it, a good go but came up short and good luck to him in the future - NOW bring in Alan Curbishley, beg him to come, we will not find a finer football manager than him. Ranieri would do ok but we need to plead with Curbishley before we think of anyone else.

Bev, Halifax.
Thank you Kevin for all the hardwork you have done over the last couple of years. Good luck and every success in whatever you do next, God Bless. I hope the whole team had a very sleepless night last night, some of you are extremely lucky to still be playing at championship level, you all need to take a long hard look at yourselves. As for lack of motivation, you are proffessional footballers, pulling on the shirt and stepping onto the pitch should be motivation enough for any of you, although maybe if they changed the strip to'Green' Healy might be able to hit a barndoor. Why should the manager always carry the can, he doesn't actually play. Yes he bought the players but the chairman and the board let him. Whoever comes in will have the same problems to contend with, no money and impatient idealistic supporters. Bring on Dennis Wise, we deserve everything we get!

Rob, Leeds
I don't see what good dropping Kev will do, ultimately it wasn't his fault half the players are injured and there's no money left, I can't believe we're still paying the salaries of players long gone ! I don't think any new manager will be able to make rapid improvements with this debt still hanging around the club. How another generous donation Mr Bates ?

Andy Day - Brisbane Whites
Good luck to KB but now lets move backwards & get O'Leary back where he belongs.Pride & passion will return if he does.

Mark, Leeds
I met KB the night before the play off final at the team hotel in Cardiff and he took the trouble to sign autographs and talk to my twin boys (age 13). An approachable and likeable guy. He steadied the ship for a while, but unfortunately his tactics often left a lot to be desired. The lack of goals (from open play in particular)/excitement/flair together with the high seat prices all contributed to fans voting with their feet. Blooding some of the youngsters who have the desire/ambition etc at the expense of some of the 'has bins' would have endeared him more to the fans I believe. I would prefer to see Curbishley as his successor, though there are also other good contenders such as Newell & Paul Jewell It's important we get it right in the long term, not just the short term, though the feel good factor needs to come back sooner rather than later. A high profile/respected manager such as AC would go a long way to regaining confidence for all. Come on you whites! Good luck to KB

carl thomas
its plain & simple whoever gets the job will still have the sme problems as kb did NO MONEY, good luck to the future for you KB. hopefully the crowds might come back and put a bit more revenue into the club and get behind the mighty whites again!!!!!

I would like to place on record my thanks to Kevin Blackwell for a job extremely well done. I doubt anyone has had the Elland Road hotseat under such extreme circumstances and he has done a good job of it. Maybe it is time for fresh blood but Mr Bates, how come we can afford to pay up his three year contract but couldn't afford any new players???

Richard, Kent
Thanks to Blackwell for a job well done in difficult circumstances. A loyal man should maybe have been treated better - what could he have done if he had been allowed to hang on to Lennon, Hulse, Bakke, Carson, Walton? It sems that Curbishley does not seem too keen, so who does that leave? Wise simply isn't going to take us far enough. Are people forgetting how loyal O'Leary was when we the club were courting O'Neill job and stayed with us instead of follow George down to the Spurts??

Mike in Herts.
Thanks Kev you did a grand job time to move on. No more Leeds old boys, where was Big Jack when we needed him. Get Dennis Wise in to take us back to the promised land LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS

Peter Collins,London
Curbishley in,as he's the best of the unemployed managers.We can't afford to take another club's manager. Message to Blackwell-You had a very high opinion of yourself which was not shared by anyone.Most managers in our league would have loved to have had the squad you had and to have spent the money you spent.

I think Blackwell deserves a pat on the back. He has been in the mire since he got there thanks to Ridsdale's era. O'Leary - give over - he only does well with money and we aint got any. Besides he is far too cosy with a number of slimy agents such as Rune Hauge. It is time to 'take time' for the right guy...Thanks Kev, all the best.

Les Rowley
Whilst I think Blackwell did an reasonable job at papering over the cracks, it was about time he left. He could take the team no further and his tactics on the field has been his down fall. Why this wasn't spotted 8 months ago and changed for the better is why the club is in its current perrilous position. He had to go. Bates may have seen the wealth of managerial talent on offer to make the sacking when he did. Hoddle, Curbishley and O'Leary - but Leeds are not the big club they once were so bringing in a new big name (and their team with the added squad players) will not be easy. Who will come the cheapest and work with the talent we have?

dennis wise or glenn hoddle definately do the job... Excellent and many thanks kevin you took us as far as you could cheers

Rick Kirkbright
I would like to wish Kevin Blackwell the very best of luck for the future. He’s done a brilliant here at Leeds and stuck by the club in our hour of need, which should never be forgotten. I’ll always have high praises for his time spent at Leeds United, and will remember him as a successful manager. He’s played a massive part in stabilising the club. Now looking forward to a new manager that can hopefully take this club forward, Alan Curbishley would be my favourite!

Sion Jones
Bring on Curbishley, Bring on Curbishley, Bring on Curbishley, Bring on Curbishley, Bring on Curbishley, Bring on Curbishley, Bring on Curbishley, Bring on Curbishley, Bring on Curbishley

i feel for Kevin blackwell. He did a good job under difficult circumstanes. the board need to take its time and appoint the right man who can take leeds back into the premiership where we rightly belong.

dave psp

Sorry to see you go KB, you did a grand job. Mr Bates come on, Does anyone remember the crowds chants of..... O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY O'LEARY ????

Thanks Kevin for what I would describe as a terrific last season afterall reaching the play off finals was no mean feat and a great achievment considering only 12 months ago we were facing bankrupcy and going out of business !!!! I would bring back David O'Leary to the helm now we have a change in chairmanship I am sure it would work out well for the club and the fans

Tony Cockram
Serves you right for selling all the good home grown lads. I bet Simon Walton's laughing his ass off!!!!! I don't care who succeeds him as long as he's not a goalkeeper.

Thanks for the last 2 years Kevin but your time has come.Alan curbishley new manager and if we want crowds back at ER we need to lower prices.How about it Ken?

Andrew H
Well done KB you did a brilliant job, all the best for the future. Hopefully curbs comes in

Steven Emsley (Perth WA)
I would just like to say a very big thank you to Kevin Blackwell and his family,they have taken most of the presure over the last 2 1/2 years.Thanks once again for saving our football club and good luck to you and your family.

george ex leeds lad tasmania
who ever takes on the job gets a club ,gets a club that has little to spend we are a poor club due to bad managment in the past , i would like to see oleary back he has the drive and experience to get us back in the premier league , dont think he would stay long though , but get us back wer we bellong ???

JH, Seacroft
Anyone else heard the Vinnie Jones rumours? Apparently he would 'give in Hollywood any day to come back to Leeds!'

Michael Hemsworth
Please say that nobody is serious about wanting David O'Leary back. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

Curbs: he won't want to come to Leedes. Robson: No way O'Leary: You must be joking?! He was overrated anyway. Wise: Flash in the pan Roy Keane wannabee. He's not the most fashionable choice, but what about getting old time battler Jim Smith in?!!!

He should have went before the season started, maybe then we would have had a better start to the season

Nigel Forbes
Kevin Blackwell had to go. He spent more money than any other championship manager last year so it is a complete myth that he has performed miracles on a shoestring. The football has been appalling and the tactics mindboggling - e.g. playing one striker in the play off final and keeping Healy on the bench. There is no pace or youth in the team at all. So much for all his FA coaching badges. Thank goodness Ken Bates didn't wait any longer. Alan Curbishley or Mike Newell would do a much better job with the resources available.

Martin Blake, Melbourne
The new manager must have players in their best positions, and recruit the right players for the job (not broken-down has-beens). The cut-price sale of young guns such as Lennon has been shameful and must not be repeated. O'Leary was okay with millions, but failed at Villa so no thanks. And Glenn Hoddle, you must be joking. Blackwell was the right man in the crisis, but we now require the man who can take the next step but he will need the right cattle.

stuff what everyone thinks about o'leary the club has only gone one way since he left and that's down! Oleary O'leary o'leary

Thank you Kevin Blackwell for bringing some dignity and honesty to our football club - and for doing it without vanity. Maybe you'd taken us as far as you could but you stopped the rot under clearly very difficult circumstances (will the real truth ever out?) and you deserved till Christmas at least. Good luck in your next job which won't be long in coming. O'Leary, do me a favour, he inherited a superb crop of youngsters and wasted it all. Where's the money to hire Curbishley? Is it the money that's been held back from Blackwell? Hoddle? - he'd fit in wouldn't he!!?? Wise - beggars belief. Might as well appoint John Carver - now there's a thought.

Andy knowles
You did an ok job Kevin in difficult circumstances but last season you were far too negative and your excuses became boring for the fans and provided your players with an easy way out when they so often under achieved. We now need a can do approach and that means Aide Boothroyd a proven motivator of average players. Also surprised no one has mentioned Paul Jewell at Wigan, he might cost us but the manager is the most important person at the club, some might say he would,nt come but lets aim high we are Leeds Utd and despite how far we may have fallen we are still a club that can attract talent if we have the right attitude! Ps Ken what a pr opportunity, reduce prices to £10 for adults and £5 kids for the next game, appeal to the fans to fill the place open the east stand upper, lets raise the roof and prove to the next manager what huge potential Leeds United really has!! Dont suppose you will though Ken because it would mean saying you got it wrong?

chris abbott
as i said on my last comment, which seems to have disapeared into the ether, kevin's sacking is a total disgrace. he kept us in the division the season before last, and took us to the play-offs last season. the new manager will face the same financial 'reality' as o'leary, venables and kevin did , namely WE ARE A NURSERY CLUB for the premiership (we have the best academy in the country; check out who we have sold FOR PEANUTS!. or had stolen by Chelsea!)until we stop selling our best young players we will never progress. try posting this one for a change!!

Ian De-Whytell
I agree with the other people who have said that Kevin Blackwell deserves praise for the work that he has done at the club. But we need someone now who can lift the players and fans alike, someone who is good with tactics, and has that little bit of luck when it matters. Of the available people I would say Alan Curbishley is the best that we can get. I don't think I would like to see O'Leary's return even if he talked of "unfinished business" when he left. He would not be able to repeat the success he had at Elland Road with the current crop of players. There is still the problem though with the low attendances and lack of atmosphere caused by Ken Bates' pricing policy. I know of several people who have defected to the Rhinos for their sporting entertainment. He has to get the crowds back in. Lower the prices, bring the atmosphere back, get Curbishley, and then it's still early enough in the season to turn it around.

It's not that we are bottom three,KB was to defence minded,if we had gone up last season KB would have marched us straight back down again Curbishley will jump at the chance to join LEEDS KB you were wrong again.We can now get promotion and stay up,keep the faith and MOT.

Nicky Richards,Newport
Ta Ta Kevin can,t say i will miss you thou.Come on leeds start setting the standards high by giving the job to Ranieri or Radebe and once again teams will fear us!! (MARCHING ON TOGETHER)

So this is the thanks you get for saving the club from extinction. Kevin Blackwell has heroically worked for Leeds, despite strong opposition and being hampered by a board who expected him to work even more miracles than he has already done. Shabbily treated. Deserves thanks not derision. Don't even think of bringing back O'Leary. Are our memories so short?

chris abbott
firstly, i would like to send condolences to kevin, because he has been the victim of financial reality, by which i mean ANY manager of leeds united must live with the regular selling of the club's best young players. our academy is one (if not THE best)in the country - which other academy has had 3 players stolen by megabucks superstars chelsea? we are a nursery club for the premiership. kevin did all he could, saving us from descent into division 1 the season before last and taking us to the play offs last season. the names being banded about will fare no better than kevin. we will only progress by nurturing and keeping our good young players. until we have the courage, and the good business sense to realise and implement this, and to realise that this will be a long term fix, then we will move from one nanager to another with no progression at all.

Matt Davies
Someone who has worked around the lower divisions would be my choice e.g Lawrie Sanchez, Billy Davies. Though first choice has to be Alan Curbishley! I'd like to thank Mr Blackwell and believe his dismissal was a bit hasty. I'd liked to have seen him given a bit more time as he's done alot for the club in a short space of time. I wish him all the best and cant help but think that it wont be long before we see him at the helm of a club again. Thanks Kev.

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