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28 October 2014

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Jonathan Goodwin: Morley High Street
Jonathan Goodwin: Morley High Street

Stormy weather

Freak weather conditions hit Leeds on Thursday 14 September 2006, with storms and even tornadoes reported across the city.

The storm caused chaos on the city's transport. Leeds Rail Station was hit by lightning, with many trains delayed, roads were flooded and a felled tree blocked part of the A61.

Callers to BBC Radio Leeds reported flooding from Morley to Guiseley. And there were even reports of a mini tornado in north Leeds.

Take a look at pictures from the storms. Send your photos to
September's weather pictures >
Reports of the storms came in to Bob Walmsley on BBC Radio Leeds on the afternoon of Thursday 14 September 2006:
audio Listen to reports of the storm on BBC Radio Leeds >
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Leeds City Council said on Friday morning: "Teams have been working late into evening to make safe the damage to over 300 properties in Harehills area. Staff have been working hard over night cleaning up.

Mick and Joe's photo of East End Park
Mick and Joe's photo from East End Park

"There are over 50 fallen trees in East End Park. Council staff responded to flooding and fallen trees elsewhere in city."

Some schools reported flooding but remained open while Guiseley High School, Hunslet Moor Primary School and South Leeds High School were closed on the Friday.

Leeds City Council is setting up an information centre for people wanting advice and information, based at the Compton Road library in Harehills.

If you want to report fallen trees and damaged structures you can call the council highways line on 0845 124 0113.

last updated: 15/09/06
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Ben Farrer
I haven't heard of there been a tornados in Wakefield but from what I heard first hand on that day made me believe there was one. I work on the top floor (3rd) in Wakefield city centre and at around 3ish the rain started. A week of so before, we had a terrible rain storm which flooded half of Wakefield so I thought we were having the same again. Except this time there was one big difference, the freak, out of no-where wind. You hear these Americans for tornado valley saying how they sound like freight train or something, well thats definatley the sound I heard. I have to admit I didn't look out of the windows as they have blinds but from what I could see the rain looked vertical. When I got home that evening I was shocked to see on the news about this weather travelling up the towards Leeds and making a small Tornado.

saw tree blowin thought it was just a gail force wind went upstairs to close windows to find all my glass orniments blown from bedroom windowsill smashed on floor then my daughter said there 14ft trampoline had moved to the other side of the garden thought she was kidding it takes three adults to lift it then i say for myself she wasnt joking it was scary

well iwas happy about the flood it watered my plants

it was terrifing to me adn my family i thought i would die :-)

i was safe but it was crazzzy

i live in leeds n it woz rely rainy

Julie M
We were in Wakefield City Centre, sun shining, and within minutes it went dark and the lighting and heavy rain started. After it passed we looked at the sky and agreed that Leeds had it coming next and worse than we had experienced.

it wasso bad that on the way back home on the bus from harrogate that there was rivers coming down the bus an everey time thogh a puddle half a litre came into the bus.

My friend was in it and she said it was so horrible. Part of a tree hit her on the head, luckly there was no damage.She said her brother nearly went up into it all but she managed to keep him on the ground.I am glad she is alright and tht noone got hurt

Martin Robinson, Purple Pro Audio
We had our front door and casing pushed in when the level of water reached aproximatly 5 feet. the door came in, smashing into the opposite wall and we were inundated with around 250 tons of water, flooding our whole operation to a depth of around 2 feet. this was due to nearby drains being blocked with leaves, meaning the water had nowhere else to go. I customer only just escaped injury or even death, when the door casing gave way, as the door is steel faced and is therefore very heavy. We had around ten people trapped in the basement as the water continued to rise. our phones ceased to work and we were in fear for our lives. It is a day I will never forget.

Me and my mates had to walk home from guiseley high through the storm, there was a puddle up to our knees.

why did no one no about it ecspesiaally weather forecasters.

it was wierd =(

Toby Isaacson
I especially enjoyed all the screaming coming from the girls school, across the road from where I was.

i was terrifoy im only 6

i slept through it =/ i was woken up by thunder, winds and very loud rain...harehills in leeds is where i am

andrew carmichael
m621 at 3:15 was like a river as it is on a slope. Drivers were slowing down to around 20 mph as it was pretty horrendous & quite disturbing.

Driving around the ringroad, and we saw a blown manhole cover draining a 2 foot deep pond on the road, near a bus shelter causing a 2 foot wide whirl pool!

Claire Parkes
We did experience the bad weather in Leeds because me and my friend walked 1 hour home in the pouring rain, thunder, lightening and LOTS of rain!

I was in a city centre hotel and it got so dark we thought the lights had gone out! Boy it was like night.

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