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28 July 2014
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Jane Tomlinson

Jane Tomlinson
Jane on Robinson summit at 7588 feet.

Jane's USA diary - week eight

By Mike Tomlinson
From Thursday 29 June to Friday 1 September 2006, Jane Tomlinson took part in her biggest fundraising challenge yet - to cycle 4,200 miles across America. Here's husband Mike's blog from the epic journey.

The end (Friday 1 September 2006):

Wow, I can't quite believe that Jane has completed this monumental journey. England was still in the World Cup when the ride started and as Ryan said today "we've been riding all summer". The support we've received from home has been incredible there's been far more e-mails than on other rides and I hope that's an indication of the fund-raising.

Jane's exhausted and the hoped for celebrations in New York tonight have been cancelled and we're heading back to the UK straight away. Jane's exhausted but the knowledge that she'll soon be able to see Suzanne and Rebecca has put a smile on her face. Jane's given everything to this ride and is exhausted but is back to work on Tuesday.

There's a documentary on BBC Five Live on Sunday night 7pm. As soon as we know the date and time of the Sky News Documentary we'll post it on our website.

We are planning for the charity's future and hopefully we can continue raising money although this was Jane's last endurance feat. We will continue to update these blogs over the weeks occasionally to let everyone know how the fund-raising is going and how the plans are progressing.

All of us would like to express our admiration for what Jane has achieved not just over the last nine weeks but the last four years. Her indomitable spirit has shone like a beacon to our family and we are immensely proud of her achievements.

One last word thanks to Ryan and Martyn on cycling across; Steven and Cindy on surviving the whole journey, Rob, Rebecca, Jodie, Michael, Phil, Dave, Lia and Dan for joining us for doing at least two weeks.

Find out more:
Profile: Jane Tomlinson >
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Day 54:

Jane tomorrow will complete her American bike ride; we sit tonight ten miles from the finish after a momentous ten weeks. To say that all of us on the road are proud of Jane’s achievement would be a serious under estimation.

Jane and I wouldn't have embarked on this ride unless all the costs would have been independently covered; both of us feel strongly that whatever money is given by members of the public it doesn't go on expenses but goes to the causes that the money was donated for. We've had a lot of help from various bodies; thank you.

Without the help of Leeds Metropolitan University this ride wouldn't have happened. They have unflinchingly partnered this ride for a year. It's always risky backing a venture with Jane, because of her illness, but they have only ever provided valued support. Students have given valuable time designing logos, graphics and press information, staff has raised money and the University itself have partnered the event.

As important has been the help of Ryan Bowd, who lectures at the University who has worked hard for a year on this ride. I wish at his age, I'd had half his energy and generosity of spirit. Who at 27 would give up so much time to help a middle aged couple, who you weren't related to, on such a madcap adventure.

Tomorrow is a celebration of human spirit over the body’s frailty. There's a saying that it's the journey not the destination that matters, not from where I stand, arrival means all.

Day 53:

Jane today was just totally immense. She was up all night on Tuesday being very unwell, the cancer and nine weeks of cycling seeing to that. Wednesday morning she could barely walk but with the finish three days away decided to risk it. At five miles all seemed lost and Ryan her co-rider thought it was over. Casualty beckoned for her but she dug deeper than ever and battled out 75 miles in nine hours 54 minutes. Yes, 10 hours in the saddle on a day which began with her barely able to function.

It was absolutely awesome and incredibly inspiring to see her finish tonight. Yes the terrible pains are still there, so is the discomfort but so is the knowledge that we can almost smell New York. Today’s stage was long because the ride went straight through Philadelphia. There are some dangerous looking areas of Baltimore and Philadelphia but the people have been good and it’s a vast improvement on the dog attacks of the previous three weeks.

I'd prepared our close family during the day (Steven was very sad) for mum giving up today, I should have known better.

There will be no celebrations in New York on Friday; likewise in Leeds when we return what we both want is as much money to go to charity as possible that’s all we need

Day 52:

When Jane finished the Washington leg of the US bike ride on Monday night she was wrecked. The stage didn't finish until 5.30 and Jane had already been working for 12 hours. After 68 days of constant work and pressure to undergo such a rigorous day was going to take its toll and it did. Jane's legs and were very sore, she was also incredibly fatigued.

I questioned whether she should set off this morning but as usual when this ride has got tough then Jane has just dug deeper into non existent reserves and powered on. With a fierce determination we've managed to get to within 20 miles of the south of Philadelphia.

For the last nine weeks I've watched someone overcome challenges that would defeat many fit people. After starting the ride only eight weeks after chemotherapy, with almost no training and being so desperately unwell I think all of us on the road are in awe of the super human effort she's made.

Surely it's got to be worth a couple of quid to the Children's Hospices, MacMillan and SPARKS. Go on help others help those in need.

Day 51:

For the last nine weeks Jane's cycled across this vast, beautiful country most days pushing herself to the limit of pain and exhaustion in trying to ensure she reaches New York on the 1st September. Even tonight after cycling past Washington and with her ultimate goal so close she’s suffering from the effects of a difficult day.

In America the ride has been an abject failure, we've failed to raise more than a trickle of funds for Cancer Research in the US. The US media has failed almost completely to give us any airtime or column inches. This is the biggest endurance event done by someone with terminal cancer in the world so I can only presume that this complete disinterest is because Jane is British and as such there is a presumption that the US public would have no interest in a story which isn't one of their own. For me this is a huge disappointment; human effort on this scale whichever race, creed or nationality should be looked at impartially. What is surprising though is that without any access to media outlets 50% of the e-mails coming in are from Americans giving support.

I would hope that if the roles were reversed and this was an American performing these endurance feats in the UK for a British charity our media would be more helpful and welcoming.

As well as raising money it was hoped that Jane's efforts would give those people with a terminal prognosis the encouragement to continue and achieve positive things in life. Indeed, who would have thought a woman in the final stages of breast cancer could cycle 4000 miles across this continent. I for one didn't.

I hope the coverage in the UK is better than the US. In the UK the money raised is going to various cancer and children’s charities all of which are crying out for funds. All we can do is try as hard as we can to raise as much money as possible on the back of Jane's efforts.

Ultimately, as I've said before it makes no difference to our lives we still have to go home an watch Jane die but we had hoped we could make a difference to others whichever side of the Atlantic.

Day 50:

Yesterday was a special day for the ride as the last big climb, the Blue Ridge Mountains, was completed and we arrived in Washington DC. It was a hard 70-mile plus ride which on the back of four tough days in the Appalachians pushed Jane to the limit. She's recuperating today and tomorrow we start the last push to New York.

The ride starts tomorrow from the British Embassy in Washington at 9am and we are pleased that some of the staff will be joining us as we head down Pennsylvania Avenue to travel in front of the White House.

Just to prove this is a small world as the Martyn, Ryan and Jane were cycling from Winchester yesterday they bumped into two cyclists from John Hodgkin’s University, Baltimore who we'd met in Escalante, Utah as they cycled across the US the opposite way. We are hoping to meet them again tomorrow as we finish the stage into Baltimore.

For the first time on this long journey Jane can contemplate maybe finishing the ride. We know it's always precarious and we don't want to be presumptuous so are fingers are crossed.

last updated: 26/06/07
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Meher H Mehta
Your effort has been nothing short of inspirational. It is said in certain scriptures that "he who saves a single human life sees the face of God." You have helped so many to find themselves through your example that I can see you there near to Him free of all pain and at immense peace. Bless you Jane.

Patti Martin
The world has lost a wonderful woman, wife and mother.Our sympathy to her family and friends, God keep you all safe we will never forget Jane and her courage and tenacity.Sincere condolences from the Martin Family from Doncaster.

Carol Tate Lincolnshire
I have jst read the sad news about Jane. Our thoughts are prayers are with the family at this very sad time. What a strong character what a brave person!!!

Sean Nicholson
Deeply saddened to learn of the death of Jane. Although I did not personally know her, the challenges she conquested with her illness made her truely inspirational. Rest In Peace.

Anna Casey
Hi Jane, i admire you so much and i have read your books. Being 25 with a 5 year old i can't imagine how you must have felt at such a young age finding out that you had cancer.My mum had breast cancer but the lump was removed and all was fine.i wish i could pray enough that it would help you and your family. #You are a very special person and your family are so proud of you and thats how i feel just from reading your books.You are a tower of strength in my eyes and i think that what you you do is absolutely amazing. Many people in my family have died of cancer, the youngest being 15 and the oldest 59. You are an inspiration to us all.i admire you so much.Anna casey

Jackie Barnes
Hi Jane, I don't know if you will receive this messgage, but I want to let you know you have my thoughts and good wishes with you right now. I have been diagnosed with kidney cancer which has spread to both kidneys and a lung! I have just had one kidney removed and am now recovering, I have only known all of this for 2months so coming to terms with it is hard, but you are my inspiration to go on with life! I start my drug therapy next week, I'm scared but hopeful too! if I can be a strong as you then I will be a better person for it. Love to you and your family.xx

bernie allen-
I have recently read your inspirational book as an individual with a terminal illness ( in my case renal failure) i feel the book as well as witnessing your great achievements has assisted with the process of coming to terms with my condition. Equally it has enabled me to realise that the diagnosis of a condition is not the end of the world so to speak. I amintain good health, good blood results and maintain a f/t teaching career as well as a normal life. Illness or how it impacts on us is determined by how we let it. I do believe that if i sit there and feel sorry for myself ( though we all have those days), then i could find myself in a downward spiral. With my condition i could die suddenly, (i am 41 years of age by the way) and have witnessed this in other people. You really have been an inspiration and the book allowed me to come to terms with the condition/effects on me/life. Many thanks bernie allen

Vani Foundation for breast cancer - India
Dr.J.Ratna prabhakar: To Dear Jane and Mike,Just I have gone through an Indian Local paper and came to know about jane who is a great inspiration to many Breast cancer patients including my wife Vani. In order to continue the battle and to get victory on breast cancer we have established Vani foundation for Breast Cancer. We are also planning to extend our programs in all the south Indian states in the coming year. I am an Indian Christian and a husband of a Breast cancer survivor.My wife's name is Vani aged 38 and she has been battling for two years.we both decided to educate women by detecting cancer at an early stage.With regardsDr.J.Ratna prabhakar

Clare Daniels
Amazing just proves what any one can do if you got guts and bravery. Jane has made me realise how important it is to get out there and make the most of every moment we all have. when ever im having a bad day i think of you guys and what you have achieved.none of us no what the future holds dont give up the fight.

Lynne White
I have just finished reading your second book " you cant take it with you", It was a fantastic read, as was the first. I am in awe of you, such a brave strong woman, I have just started to cycle again, after away from it for a few years, just to get fit. You have so much courage and a wonderful family to support you. You are always in my thoughts and now in my prayers.

Ben Rockett
You are just incredible. I cannot express how much of an inspiration you are.

Sue Wright
I am nearly at the end of your second book. I have enjoyed reading about your bike rides and your determimation to make it to the end no matter what pain you are in You are truelly an inspiration to all.

Veronika Popotnig
Don't know what to say... I read about you in the paper and what you do is just so incredible and fascinating!!! Your courage, determination and will may inspire others in their Fight, God bless you!!!!!

laura forster
i have read both of your books jane and they gave me so much courage you are an amazing woman you should be so proud good luck xx

Lesley Gao
Dear Jane, I got to know you from Chinese media and you have done things that healthy people dare not to do! you are superwoman. :) With respect and admiration. Lesley Gao Beijing, P.R.China

Clarence Williams
I am an elderly widower who has read incredulously about your billiant courage and determination. Words cannot express my admiration.My dear wife died of cancer. God Bless you.

margaret Davies
what a mum If I had even a tiny part of your courage I would be grateful. I cried when I read your book and wish life were fairer. your family must be so scared and so proud. god bless

Lynne Robinson
We were sorry to hear about the lack of interest in your epic ride across the US and we are sure this is due to the media not taking up the story. This is a great mistake on their part as we have found the American public on our travels around the USA, over the last nine months to be very receptive to knowing about people who show tremendous guts and determination. They are also a generous and kind nation. Why on earth did the press think this would not generate interest. Maybe some of the press ought to comment on their reasons.

Ella age 11
hi Jane I think you are fab you are so determind and thats deffinatly the right state of mind to be in. And I hope people will know you in the year 3000 loads of love Ella

Gunnel Lundqvist, Sweden
You are a fantastic woman. I love your book.I am thinging of you and you are an inspiration.

jacky ainscow
You are amazing. I have just read your book and cannot believe how brave and committed you are. I just cannot imagine how you do it. My thoughts are with you.

Val Lock
I don't understand how you are able to do this! It's incredible. My thoughts are with you, WELL DONE!!

vera de vooght
I have just read about you in a Belgian newspaper and your courage must be a support to lots of people. Take some rest now and enjoy every day with your family. I'll be thinking of you.

Rod M
Well done Jane. You are an inspiration to us all.

Jill Maddison-Roberts
Jane, You've been in my thoughts often during your ride and I'm so glad you made it. I just don't know how you do it but you've inspired me to register for the charity trek for my local childrens hospice next year. 'Well done' just doesn't say enough - I think you're amazing! Jill

michele dillistone
i have just read your book the luxury of time . it touched me deep , you are brave and positve beyond words . you go girl.

Will Burke
Jane, you have brought value to life and your strength and values are an example to us all and will echo in eternity. will x

mick hunter, leeds
i'm so disgusted and disappointed by the american reaction. whenever i hear your name i feel very humble. you are an inspiration.

A UK friend tipped me to Jane's story on line. I am awestruck and doing what I can to spread the word here in the US. I don't know if there's been any US media coverage because I don't watch TV news & rarely read newspapers, I do everything on line these days. I doubt that Jane's story is being ignored by the traditional media because she's British. It's probably more that she doesn't have a Public Relations machine behind her; our media seem to need to be spoonfed most everything. Cheers & courage to you Jane, you've touched many of us.

Jane I have never met you but you are very special to me well done you are truly remarkable.Stay safe and enjoy all the best and thank you for been you.

You are a wonderful inspiration to us all. Your courage and tenacity are amazing. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work.

Jan Gens
I am speechless. I lost my Mother and young sister to breast cancer. You're courage and bravery is awesome. Congratulations and may God Bless you and your family. ~~Deerfield Beach, Florida~~

Roger Adams
Good effort! Well done Jane on a fantastic achievement. What can I say? I have no words to match your courage, determination and bloody-mindedness. Be proud.

Linda in the USA
Congratulations on your triumphant trip across the United States! You have demonstrated it is possible to overcome adversity in the quest for accomplishment.

colin from belfast
just seen the news that you have comleted your ride.well done. as someone who has cancer i think you are unbelievable.fortune favours the brave.

You are such a strong lady, and such an inspiration to others. Your fundraising will touch many lives. Good luck.

Sue Pinkerton, Ashland Massachusetts
Jane, you are an absolute inspiration. I'm so sorry your epic endurance feat was totally ignored by the US media. I e-mailed all the networks, but obviously they didn't express interest. Their loss. There are thousands of us out here on the web who followed your ride day by day as Mike posted the blog. We felt for you with every push of the pedals, hurt for you with every dog and idiot-truck-driver attack, and were with you in spirit at the end of every pain-filled day. You are awesome. Thank you for what you've done - you deserve the highest honor any country can give. Go home and love your family, and know that your name will live among the heroes forever.

Richard. Manchester
Brilliant. An inspiration.

Andrew Aird
Jane - Had I read this earlier, I would have been at Battery Park to greet you this morning, as I work nearby. As an exiled Scot in NYC who has lost many family members to cancer, I can only marvel at your achievements. You are truly an inspiration to us all. God bless you...

Jane, your effort over past few weeks has been immense. Your endurance is an inspiration to all.

andrea mackenzie
Jane you are an amazing and brave lady. I admire your strength and hope that now you have finsihed your journey across US you will have some well earned quality time with your family. You are incredible. Peace and happiness.


Anna Butler, England
Congratulations on completing your journey. Your achievements are staggering and I have no idea where you have found your willpower. Enjoy your well earned rest.

Ashley Templeton
I thought you did amazingly so a very well done!

K Jennings
Congratulations to you on your immense achievement in cycling across the USA, enduring such hardship on the way. You're possessed of a spirit and character most people will never have.

I applaud you and your efforts. You have shown more braveness and courage in your journey than anyone I know. May God bless you, your family and team.

Roger Gillett. Norfolk England
Your bravery is beyond words. I have never come across such determination and selflessness

kenneth hill
from a lancashire lad i am more than proud to salute a great yorkshire lady, god be with you ken.XXXXXXXX

Your are amazing! What an incredible feet! My your guardian angel watch over you for the rest of your journey

nigel north notts
Im not a religous person but god bless jane and your family

Wishing you a safe and prosperous journey. Some of us are going to try and get you some media coverage. Peace. Kitty

Alison Glasgow
We're all with you in spirit, Jane, there are thousands of us cheering you on from our hearts, dig in deep, you're almost there.

Jane Your an inspiration to all of us. My heart and soul go out to you and your husband. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am thankful for all your dedication. God Bless you. Love to you.

julie saunders
i'm just so overawed by your efforts, my dad has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and the first time i saw him smile after his diagnosis was when i said (with reference to you) that i expected him to be cycling america this time next year!! I have for years suffered with a bad back, but you inspired me to return to my passion - horse riding. you made an old man with cancer smile, and you helped me to feel alive again, you truly are an inspirational woman, and your children have a fantastic mother who they will surely never forget......... I wish you comfort and dignity and peace for you surely deserve it.

Jane, It's hard to add to those messages that others have already written. I'd just like to mention that realistically you are actually riding a very long tandem with all us supporters on the back seat with you for every turn of the wheel.

Peter Morgan
Jane I`m the Welshman who asked you to autograph the picture of the Wales Grand Slam Winning Team in March 2005, whilst we stopped at a service station on the M6. I was wearing my Wales shirt. I have never forgotten meeting you that day. The strength and fortitude which has carried you across America is a lesson to us all, never give up. I bought your book and I was in tears. Look forward to seeing you again, Peter Morgan (Halifax)

David and Sam, Sydney
We know you'll keep going to the end Jane and complete this incredible journey. Your determination and courage is remarkable and humbling.We're with you all the way.

My thoughts & prayers are with you all & pray for your safe return home to all those who love you & those who you give so much hope & inspiration.May your Guardian Angel be with you all the way.

where ever you finish you'll always be a winner. Your inspiration will go on and on. My five year old son says ' your really brave'

Jean MD
Love and prayers to you. What an inspiration you are! May God give you the courage and strength to complete this fantastic journey.Britain is proud of you.

I have just seen the BBC news on how close you are to completeing your FANTASTIC journey. Keep going! You have inspired so many people - me included - 2 London Marathons and Lands End - John O'groats next year for The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. When you cross the finish line there will be a massive cheer from this part of Yorkshire. Good luck!

Margaret Metheringham
Jane I have been making sure friends in various states of America know you are there and I asked them to cheer you on if you passed through theirs. Hopefully donations will come in from some of them and from me. You are an inspiration to everyone. God bless X

Thank you for doing this to raise awareness. Many of us ride with you in spirit and will pass along your message. Your courage is an inspiration.

Elaine F. Manchester UK
You're amazing! I'm so disappointed reading Mike's blog about lack of US support. never mind we love you - I'm just coming to the end of your book - you're all fabulous.

Ann from Nidderdale
You're nearly there Jane. Well done, girl! and as Kate Bush and was it Peter Gabriel once sang.."Don't give up, cos you have friends" All the best.

Sheila (Ilkley)
Jane, they say 'you can take the girl out of Yorkshire, but you cant take Yorkshire out of the girl!!! You have done Yorkshire proud, we are all behind you. Good luck on your last few days.Take Care

Ann Tompkins
Thank you Jane and Mike, you are stars! I can't do anything about the American Press response but speaking as a Leeds woman with terminal breast cancer I can only say what you've done for me - given me encouragement, the will to fight on and enormous respect for you and your family. Bless you, you've enriched my life. Hang in there, it's nearly done and be assured, here at home your awesome achievements are appreciated and applauded.

Helen Shenton Stoke on Trent
Well done sister in law has just been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in her bones and liver .Someone told me about you so i read your book.ive talked about you to anyone who would listen ever and mike are so honest.i laughed and cried.keep going jane,as many have said you are an inspiration xx

i won't bothewr sending encouragement as it will be one drop in the pond of support i hope you are getting. ameriKa's corporate media is beyond hope. teevee gnews is killing our once great country. but it's people like you that hopefully can save us from devolving into Bushworld. a pox on teevee gnews. A POX I SAY. i only heard of your journey thru the DU website.

Deborah (Durham, NC)
Dearest Jane, An awesome feat from a woman with unrivalled courage! Please know that many of us here in the US know of and appreciate your efforts. As someone who has heard the "C" word 3 times in 3 years I can truly say I support you in every sense of the word. Blessings and peace to you, my dear.

John Anstis
Hi Jane - I cried today when I heard you on the radio talking about your fear of dogs. I never doubted for a single minute that you would make it but even so knowing that you are so close leaves me feeling totally humbled. You're an amazing woman - an inspiration to us all. When you get back to Leeds you and Mike will have to let me buy you dinner. Take care and God bless 'supergal' John x

Caroline Jeffery
Well done Jane! Just finished your and Mikes autobiography - your an inspiration.

Lisa Dyer (Maryland)
What route are you taking to Baltimore? I would love to stand by the road and cheer you on - I live betwen D.C and Baltimore (used to live in Yorkshire for a long time!) You are an amazing woman and a great inspiration

Lizz Cook
Hello Jane, We have never met but I know your little boy, he comes with your mother in law to play bowls at the Friday Drop In at Settle. I have been following your progress and I hope that you end your journey with enough strength left too get home safely and have some time with your family. I think your guts and determination are fantastic. Best wishes and good luck.


Patricia Naumann
Where were the news crews when you were pedaling through my town? I could cry. I would have found a way to give you a cheer as you passed by! I wish I had seen this blog weeks ago. But, I've seen it now, and you have my admiration and prayers. You've already made a difference. Godspeed, Jane. / St Louis, Missouri

What a truly awesome lady. Thinking of you Jane, and knowing that you will make it. Failure isn't a word in your vocabulary. A LUFC fan.

Anthony English
As a keen cyclist too I'm just blown away by your achievements - you're an inspiration to everyone. Truly incredible Jane, may I wish you every success.

kashmir (bradford, west yorkshire)
You're doing marvellous Jane. A huge inspiration. Wishing you all the best.

Nearly there Jane - I can't believe you have achieved so much! Keep up the fabulous work and keep inspiring others like me.

tom, worthing
i drove across america a few months back and that was hard enough! i think what your doing is amazing, muchos respect to you.

Debbie Reynolds (ex-pat, formerly Leeds now in Ten
As a former Armley girl I have kept a close eye on your challenges over the years - you are an absolute inspiration. We've suffered from the heat during the summer here in Tennessee but will not complain again considering what you are going through on this journey. Lots of love to you and your family, and I know you will be treat like a hero when you arrive back in our beloved Leeds!

Ashley Tiffen
Jane, You are an inspiration to each and every one of us. If I do 1% of what you have achieved I think I will be happy. I wish you God speed for your journey to New York. You are in my thoughts

Martin Wilson
You are a hero.

The Grove Holiday Club, Horsforth
Good Luck! We think you are wonderful. Don't give up. Thank you for helping so many people. Keep on going. You'll make it in the end. We will pray for you. We'd like to be like you. Thank you lots and lots. Love from us all.

Doreen Mclaren North Tyneside
I met you in a restaurant in Pefkos Rhodes in August. Wish I had spoken to you. I didnt want to intrude in your family holiday.My son Andrew who was with me has Cancer. I read your book earlier this year and it inspired me to get my running shoes on again even though my knees hurt with Arthritis .It seemed like nothing compared to what you have to go through. Good luck in every thing you do .

jackie Portol
keep striving forward, for you give inspiration to us all!

margaret from wales
keep going i am rooting for you

what an amazing woman just read your book an wanted to say you are a credit to mankind,your family must be so proud. inspirational

Angela Wilson, Godalming, UK
I think what you are doing is fantastic and wish it was covered on Sky news or the BBC. Good luck to you on your lazst few days of your ride.

all the very best.
all the very best,jane and crew.from jill,ian and mother.from cowes isle of wight.

PV Hetherington
Not so far now Yorkshire lass I sure you will make it Hope President Bush is waiting to greet you with a large donation

Hugh Little
The Press will wake up as you approach the East Coast. As a former reporter myself, I know this is a wonderful story. Suggest your friends in the UK contact the newspapers in London and the BBC.

Dom (Western Australia)
I wish you every success in the safe completion of your epic challenge. Don't give up - remember "rust never sleeps..."

Eileen Lister
Fantastic.....If you need somewhere to stay out of the RV, I'm in Illinois and a Yorkshre lass at that! My husband and I admire you so much.....go girl!!!!!


Honor Porter
Jane, Your a fantastic lady!! I totally admire you, I did the london marathon the same year as your first, and again 2 yrs later, but never managed to achieve what you have, wow, your some lady, Your my hero!! keep can do anything and have proved that already....never give up hope!! Im read your book-amazing!! Good luck.

John Y
You are an inspiration to lots of people. Keep going, Jane.

Anne Wallace, Leeds Met
You've always inspired me with your never-ending grit and determination - those dogs will soon be a distant memory! Keep it up.

Shell, 2 Jack's andHarry
Love you, sweetie. Thinking about you every day. We're really proud of you. Looking forward to seeing you back in one piece. Snog to Mike and Steven. Dead proud of Becca too- you both done good with your bunch! Love again XXX

Mike & Lesley Holroyd
How inspiring to read about your progress. What you have achieved is an inspiration to us all. It must get tougher each day but just remember to take each day or even each hour one at a time. Every besat wish for the remainder ot the journey.

Alexander McNally
Hi Jane! don't know what your back and legs feel like but i did 92 miles last saturday, with off road tyres, a rack and heavy pack and i was washed out on the way home. I think you must be some kind of special person and an inspiration to be with and to know. Good luck with the rest of your journey, through America and life. Your a "stoater"!

Alison Wolstenholme
Good Luck Jane - what you have achieved is fantastic. You are an inspiration to so many people. Keep burning that rubber!

carole rowe
Nearly there Jane, well done, your an inspiration to everyone.

Debs and Alex Hicken
Well done Jane and the team. You are an inspiration to us all .

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