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31 July 2014
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Prince's Exchange
modern Leeds: Prince's Exchange

Seven wonders of Leeds

The BBC Leeds website has chosen the seven man-made wonders of Leeds but do you agree?

Leeds has many surprising, and wonderful, man-made structures but we wanted to highlight just seven.

So our List (in no particular order) is:

  • The Corn Exchange
  • K2
  • Millennium Square
  • Prince's Exchange
  • Roundhay Park
  • The Town Hall
  •  The Victoria Quarter

Image gallery:
Seven wonders of Leeds >

Our choices range from the modern office and apartments in Leeds, like K2, to the highlight of our economic past the Corn Exchange. Some like Millennium Square, have aroused mixed feelings.

You might well have a man-made Leeds wonder that we've missed out, or a view on our choices. If so, don't forget to tell us.

Paul Hudson

Paul Hudson
Tell Paul your favourites

The inspiration behind compiling our Leeds list was BBC weatherman Paul Hudson.

Paul will star in half-hour film for BBC 1, to be shown in January 2006, featuring  the seven man-made wonders of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Paul has a different criteria for his list, he will be looking at any kind of structure as long
as it was built before 1901. If you want to nominate a surprising structure for the TV programme, whether in Leeds or the rest of the region, email Paul direct.

last updated: 14/09/05
Have Your Say
Is there a Leeds man-made wonder we've missed out? What do you think of the list?
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jim bright
Kirkstall Abbey - so much better than Fountains!

Eve S Tidswell
List Ok but I know of a very special almost secret place. Cad Beeston Manor House, off Cemetery Road Beeston Hill, is the oldest secular building in Leeds but hardly anyone knows about it.Wonderful inside with timbers dating from the early 1400s. Privatly owned so the public cannot get inside , but can the BBC get us a glimpse

Tom Walker
Do you know who designed K2?

Aidan O'Rourke
There are many amazing man-made wonders in Leeds - Many superb old and modern buildings, the town hall, the Ibis Hotel and many more, in many respects more advanced down the road of modernisation than Manchester.

mular jon pelaw
The bear pit on Cardigan Road is much superior to any of the above apart from the town hall

Hywel D Roberts
Leeds has no man made wonders in fact we must be one of the most bland cities in the uk, Leeds is about as vibrant as Carlisle. As a single gay man I find I have to go to Manchester for all my man made wonders. Leeds as a city we are architecturally backward.

Kitty Dubois
What about featuring the huge amount of back-to-back terraced houses in Harehills, Leeds. This is supposed to be the most densly populated area in Europe. Why not celebrate a much maligned area and show how and why it was built?

Temple works in Holbeck have to be included. Where else will you find a industrial buildings arcitecture based on an Egyptian Temple? Where else will you find a building that used to have sheep grazeing on it roof?This is such an interesting and historical building.

The International Pool is an interesting and building despite the fact that the architect was jailed for corruption. I would like to see the pool restored to its original pristine condition and saved from demolition. Millennium square is just a white elephant. The gradient makes it unpleasant to walk on. The paving is breaking up and skateboarders jump happily off the Civic Hall steps onto the square despite the byelaw signs.

East stand at Elland Road is a true modern landmark that is seen from many a mile in Leeds and is both pleasing & inspirational to the eye. Also Temple Newsam is a must as is Leeds/Liverpool

I'd have to support the addition of Kirkstall Abbey without which there'd probably have been no cloth industry and Leeds would have remained the small hamlet on a bridge over the Aire just to south of Otley.

along with the lovely parks what about the round building on the Armley Giro I think it was a turning shed for trains beautifully restored

When did Harewood move to leeds? If you want stately homes chose Temple Newsam House, farm & grounds. Not to be beaten

Steve C
What about Kirstall abbey for me it is only behind Rievault and Fountains as the most beautiful abbey in Yorkshire.Take a walk along the river bank early morning and it is like going back in time.That is not bad considering you are only 3miles from the centre of a major city.Fountains and Rievaux are a fair distance away from Leeds and although well worth the drive,but a nice walk from my home in Horsforth along the river to Kirkstall on a Sunday morning is just as awe inspiring.

Pauline Davies
Leeds Industrial Museum...superb facility brings together and encapsulates why Leeds is what it is today, geographical point, hard working workers, ingenuity and risk taking entreprenuers. Beautiful Leeds/Liverpool canal with its swans and almost hidden route which of the canals took the longest to build...and then of course our regional airport flies us in and flies us out and is a joy to travel from. Then nip down and look at that superb frontage of the former Metropole Hotel...Leeds red bricks and sheer artistry. Also what about Armley Baths or the gothic and majestic interior of St Aidan's church in Harehills..takes your breath away, Other wonderful churches include St Edward the Confessor at Clifford near Boston Spa. St Bartholomews in Armley and even one of the tinies but formerly most used, Killingbeck Chapel. Never understood why the churches didnt unite to show off their superb array of Leeds Gems. Anyway, tons of wonderful awe-inspiring buildings and places in Leeds so you will be hard pressed with this competition. Good luck.

Dave B
What about Thwaite Mills on the River Aire. Golden Acre Park. Seven Arches Aqueduct in Adel Woods. I agree with Janet about those flats near the Parish Church, made from Lego by the looks of it !

Janet Hogg
I wonder how on earth some of the new flats every got planning permission. The blue mess next to the Leeds Parish Chursh. Now there is a wonder.

Difficult to keep the list down to seven, there could easily be a list of seven of each category, (old, new, public spaces and parks). My list would be - Old - Town Hall, Civic Hall, Market hall, Temple Works, Temple Newsam House, Harewood House, Metropole Hotel (King St). New - K2, Princess Exchange, City Island twin towers, Clarence Dock (twin oval towers), Ibis Hotel, Blue, Bridgewater Place (when completed next year) Parks and public spaces - Millenium Square, City Square (when fountains work), Temple Newsam Gardens, Roundhay Park, Harewood Gardens, Park Square, grounds of Kirkstall Abbey (and Abbey House).

Where is Kirkstall Abbey?!! I don't know many other major cities with an accient ruined abbey within 3 miles of the city centre!

Hi Paul, it`s cool. I really liked it.More then that,am going to have a postgraduate course in Leeds. I like Leeds much and for the 2 nd time I made sure of it. Thanks

Adam Ross
What about The Original Oak at Headingly? Or Alwoodley Cricket Club?

Ian Robertson
Anyone who grew up around the West Leeds area will be scratching their collective heads as to why Bramley Public Baths didn't get a mention? Sometimes it can be quite refreshing to look to the past.

Harry Kay
I have to agree with James Elliker, all 3 of his nominations should be included plus Armley Jail. I haven't been to Leeds for years as I now live in British Columbia, Canada but I remember it very well as I was born there and grew up there.

Paul P
Has to be the Town Hall or the Civic Hall, both mean so much to Leeds.

James Elliker
Temple Newsam, Kirkstall Abbey and for anyone schooled in Leeds, Armley Mills. I wonder how many other kids had to dress up as Victorian children on their trip there?

I'd remove Millenium Square comrades, and I think Roundhay Park is nothing to be proud of too. Add the Leeds-Liverpool canal, and Kirkstall viaduct.

What, no mention of Temple Newsam House and grounds? truely a forgotten wonder of Leeds

K2 - reclad 60's office building. Prince Exchange - Bland office building made with steel girders and glass cladding, Millenium Square - Concrete paving slabs with a fountain, is this the best you've got?! Why not Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds City Markets, the Dark Arches or the converted mill on Park Square? Use your common sense please, try not to show that you have any promotional contracts with Regus offices and LS1 apartments, you look silly.

Gary Taylor
Not very imaginative, is it? Apart from Roundhy Park, they're all in the centre of town! I'd have included Bramhope Tunnel, the East Stand at Elland Road, the Combined Courthouse, Park Square, the Royal Armouries Museum and the Civic Hall.

How could you miss off Temple Works in Holbeck, bringing ancient Egypt to 19th century Leeds.

John D
I would agree with the inclusion of the Town Hall, which should be the top of the list. Iím not so sure about K2 and The Victoria Quarter. Paulís oldest building only dates back to the 1850s. What about Adel Parish Church which is one of the cityís oldest buildings and dates back almost 1,000 years. On the other hand, how about Marshallís Mill, or Park Square? Mind you the list was drawn up by a son of BradfordÖÖ.

Dave Cann
What about Elland Road stadium??

I'm very pleased to see the BBC has put this list together, it just goes to show, what a vibrant city Leeds is. However, are K2 and Prince's Exchange really the best examples of recent developements? Yes, they have made such an impact on the Leeds skyline but I tend to favour the new mixed developemnt, Clarence Dock. Although its not yet finished it aims to provide jobs not just homes.

Good choice there, none that I would strongly disagree with, although Millenium Square does seem to be the weakest entry on the list, perhaps the neighbouring Civic Hall should be in it's place. K2 and Prince's Exchange are excellant choices for the new additions to the city skyline, although the twin curved City Island towers are a great addition, I often hear exclamations of amazement from fellow passengers when arriving into central leeds by train as we pass close by City Island. There are many heritage contenders for the place of the Corn Exchange, such as the original market hall on Vicar Lane, or St Pauls House on St Paul's Street. As for Parks, Harewood's landscaped gardens are possibly an equal to Roundhay Park.

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