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24 September 2014

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Buen Chico
Buen Chico

Buen Chico

Read a profile of this Leeds-based band.

FROM: 2 in Leeds + 1 in Halifax
STYLE OF MUSIC AND INFLUENCES: Probably best described as GPP [garage-pop-punk!], but the songs are fiery mixture of pop new wave, motown, alternative indie, and punk - inspired by the like of Supergrass, Ramones, Smiths, Weezer, Flaming Lips, Pixies & Beatles!


Get A-levels and deferred Uni places sorted so we can concentrate on making the breakthrough with the band.

The remains of the summer and autumn up to end of 2004 have largely been about plenty of Leeds gigs and practice, practice, practice, to get the set really tight and work on the stage performance, but there were one or two highlights:

We finalised a management deal with Leeds-based Pure Wonder.
David Kosten [Faultline & EMI] arranged us some free recording time at the Jacobs Studios in Surrey [paid for by EMI] in July - he produced two singles for us and a great 'Live Set'
We did Leeds Bright Young Things and recorded a single - 'Wait'
We played on the HD1 Ready2Burn Tour
We were one of the winners of Futuresound and played Leeds Festival to 400+
We played a couple of London gigs at the 93 Feet East Club - great venue
Rounded off the year playing at the old Huddersfield Uni SU 'Long Goodbye' Fest.
We've finalised a management deal. So it's: more gigs - more practices - more song writing - more promotions.


Whilst building on our fan and gig base in Leeds we intend to expand with more gigs in Huddersfield and 'foreign parts' like Manchester, York, the Midlands and London.

CDs and Recording
A great spin-off from the Queens of Noize tour is our inclusion in a compilation CD along with the other bands in the tour eg The Pipettes - Long Blondes - The Departure - The Immediate etc
We are also being put on a compilation being put together by 'Whiskas' from Transmission and his Vine venue in Leeds
First Single: We are putting out the first of our David Kosten / EMI recordings as a single in March with a second to follow fairly soon after.
Recording: We are going into the studio again, probably Feb / March time to record something new.

And that only takes us up to March - so 'watch this space', for the rest of the year!

last updated: 13/06/05
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Ashley 'Redboots'
Just to let you know that the deal with Faith & Hope has now been finalised and signed. So BUen Chico are 'stable mates' with Morning Runner, Mint Royale etc. First single will be recorded in April and launched in June . . . .

Ashley 'Redboots'
Just to let you guys know, we've finally got an recording and publishing deal offered by 'local' [manchester] indie label, Faith & Hope [Morning Runner, Mint Royale etc]. its going through solicitor's hands at the moment [![. So, barring any last minute problems we should have an exciting announcement to make in the next few weeks . . . . .

liking the la la la song - should release that, make number 1

Amazing!!! I was at Carpe Diem last Saturday...and your gig was amazing, seriously I hope you will have the success you deserve...and the single and other stuff you have recorded is brilliant....I am not gonna say you will get there, because you are there already!!! Thanks, David

Gotta say Buen chico are fully mint. comments made from guys such as Dafydd and Magnus are pathetic. Maybe if they had proper names instead of ones taken of a welsh farm they'd appreciate good music instead of the hillbilly rubbish they're used to. I to am a massive fan of bloc party and franz ferdinand, but let me say, Buen Chico are next off the mark to come out of Leeds and stand tall with new artists such as the Kaisers. This band are awesome,i reccomend you go see em and you'll see for yourself. All you disillusioned old fogies who posted negative stuff below....go home and listen to your george michael.......losers....

i wana say sumut why do u people cum on hear and just take make fun off them im sure they can do a lot better than you, buen chico rule (not just coz i know the drummers bro) but coz they r sumut different than all this *r*p thats goin round. keep on goin chico trust me you will be big

Re: comment below, if you think they're 'amazing' your standards must be a bit low. The Kaiser Chiefs are amazing, Franz Ferdinand are amazing, Bloc Party are amazing. Buen Chico are not. First against the wall when the revolution against rubbish music comes! Donkey, are you one of their fellow pupils?? Haven't you got exams to be getting on with?

Stevie B
Just a some facts for Magnus: The drummer lives in Horsforth; the bass player in Middleton and guitarist/singer in Hyde Park. Leeds band or not?!

Gary Marx
I have to agree. I was at that gig too and the other bands were much better. after all they hype we've seen surrounding this band, the audience seemed mostly to consist of Buen Chico's mums and dads and grannies. Me and my mates weren't impressed by the way they all disappeared when the main act came on. But I suppose they all needed to be tucked up in bed, eh????

Magnus Af Pedersen
Buen chico aren't very good at all. Saw them in Huddersfield a few weeks ago and they made no impact. Bland and boring, just like The Kids want. The other support band was better. Why do they claim to be a Leeds band when they're not? Why can't they admit they're just jumping on the Leeds bandwagon? Oh well, they'll soon learn The Fine Art Of Disappearing. Bye Bye Buen Chico. You won't be missed!

I was at The Vine in Leeds last Tuesday [great venue!] to see The Chicos do another great gig and during their set they heard they were one of the winners of the Futuresound competition which means that THEY WILL BE PLAYING AT THE LEEDS FESTIVAL THIS YEAR [Friday I think]. Talking to Morgan, he also told me that they have just signed to a management company in Leeds and that EMI are showing a serious interest in them at the moment [+ a number of other labels]. He also told me to watch out for news of a UK, University tour this autumn to launch one of the single. I think they are one of the best bands in the area at the moment so it doesn't surprise me. I really would recommend that any of you guys out there who like 'pop punk' should get to see them.

As expected, the Chico were amazing. Stop being amazing, you are too good!

I didn't get to see the Buen Chico set in its entirety but what I saw made me like them. My girlfriend watched the whole thing and she said, "I REALLY liked them." The last Leeds band I heard her say that about was chevron. I liked chevron as well."

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