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24 September 2014

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Local History

Concorde in flight

Rewind: transport

Rewind looks at transport stories in the archives including some of the crazy ways Look North thought we'd be getting around... including electric bus or sinclair C5. We also feature that beautiful bird, Concorde.


1967: The first prototype plane (001) was rolled out of its hangar at Toulouse in France.
1969: Its first flight took place on 2 March from Toulouse.
1969: The first flight of Concorde 002 took place near Bristol, on 9 April.
1969: Concorde successfully completed its first supersonic flight on 1 October.
1976: The first commercial flights took place on 21 January, British Airways flew from London Heathrow to Bahrain and Air France from Paris to Rio.
1986: Concorde makes first visit to Leeds-Bradford Airport.
2000: Concorde, bound for New York, crashes minutes after take off from Paris, killing 113 people.
2003: The final commercial flight takes place on 23 October.

Rewind visits the TV archives for transport features on Look North (Thursday 26 May 2005) including a local visit by a supersonic airplane.

Concorde, and supersonic air travel, could have been the future of flight. The famous plane, an Anglo-French venture, was designed and first flew in the late 1960s.

Using its ability to fly at up to twice the speed of sound the plane could cross the Atlantic to America in under three hours.

It was not until 1986 that Concorde arrived, with a bump due to high winds, at Leed-Bradford Airport at Yeadon and Rewind uncovers the footage shot that day.

Concorde takes off from Leeds-Bradford
Concorde takes off from Leeds-Bradford

Such was the lure of the slipstreamed plane that an estimated 60,000 people were at the airport to see it land. By 2003, less than 20 years after that first visit to Leeds, it has been confined to transport history.

Missed the programme? Check out the footage by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

last updated: 10/06/05
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Do you remember Concorde flying over Leeds or landing at Leeds-Bradford? Have you memories of other modes of transport?
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Graham Armitage
I remember the First Concorde into Leeds all too well. I was on it. Seat 2D. We all had a great time, and it was a great end to the trip for us to land at Leeds after so much doubt. Oh boy, what a landing it was too. I still to this day think it was the heaviest landing I have ever had.

Don Tate
I well remember Concorde's first visit to Leeds/Bradford. We as a family went and stood on the reservoir at the top of Bramley Park along with many others. I remember a whisper going round that due to the high winds the plane had been diverted to Manchester. Happily our fears were unfounded as the Air France version loomed into view over the east of Leeds.

Steven Ballance
Excellent video. DON'T LOSE IT. Would be nice to view it again on it's 20th anniversary

Steve Ballance
I must admit, watching Concorde on approach to Leeds was one thing, but the sight of a 747 coming in was one thing never to be missed. So slow, so big...

Jacob Smyth
I remember the time I was opposite the airport at what is now Multiflight not knowing she was coming in until this magnificent bird roared past me.

Sammy - Yeadon
A great shame it no longer flies but at least we can go over to a proper airport in Manchester to still see it on display

Gill Cooper
I was at Leeds Bradford airport when Concorde came in for the first time I was stood facing the end of the run way. It made to land but then took off again seconds before touching down and came straight over my head. An awe insiring event I will never forget.

I remember the thing coming to Yeadon - I lived quite close to its flightpath at the time. I remember hundreds of anoraks descending on the area, and I remember the awful noise. Good riddance!

James G
I was 8 years old at the time of Concorde's visit. I remember being in the playground of the junior school at Leeds Grammar at breaktime. At about 11 o'clock that morning, we heard the sound of an aircraft flying overhead. But it wasn't quite like any sound i'd hear before. Almost like a calm whooshing noise. I looked up - and saw the delta wing fly right over my head. It was - amazing. I couldnt believe it! I think all i said was "beautiful" - yes - even at the age of 8! I turned around... playtime was still going on. I wonder if anyone else knew what had just happened?

Andy Smith
Being an aircraft enthusiast, it was always a pleasure walking up from Guiseley to the airport, to see the 'great swan' coming in to land. The pilot always used to run the plane right down to the end of the runway, turn to face the crowd, and then raise and drop the nose, almost like a bow to the crowd. Taking off was even most of an awesome sight. The place would disappear over the hill, (the runway at Leeds/Bradford is raise in the middle), and then there would be silence. All of a sudden, a yellow cloud appeared on the horizon, and Concorde would majestically, but swiftly hurtle down the runway. Once the plane's nose wheel was off the ground, that was the time to stick your fingers in your ears as Concorde roared little more than 100 feet overhead. The sound was immense, and you actually felt it more than anything. Yes seeing Concorde at Leeds/Bradford was as exciting as it was awesome, and the plane will sadly be missed.

I am not interested in planes at all but I did go to Yeadon to see Concorde... I loved watching it fly past it was unique.

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