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24 September 2014

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Kirkstall locks, Leeds
Locks on the Leeds Liverpool canal

Leeds astrological chart: Innovative Leeds

By Tricia
Leeds-based astrologer Tricia tells us how the stars reflect some of the city's great achievements.

About Tricia

Tricia is Leeds born and bred, and has studied and practised astrology for over thirty years.

She uses both western (vedic) and eastern (yotish) methods of astrology. Tricia is a member of BAVA (British Association of Vedic Astrologers) which promotes vedic astrology.

Tricia says: "The ruler of third house of innovation and enterprise on the ascendant of the chart shows the city is very independent, an exciting place to live and destined to see many new, adventurous and entrepreneurial firsts.

"One record-breaking event was the development of the Leeds Liverpool canal. This canal was the longest in the country by the time it was complete. Begun in 1778 it was under auspicious stars as no less than four planets: Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus, formed a stellium in Taurus at this time, opposite Saturn, which was in Scorpio which rules channels of water, while Jupiter was in Leo, aspecting the third house of transport routes.

"Undoubtedly building the longest canal was a huge task, but Saturn, ruler of excavation and endurance, ensured that the hard work necessary to dig it out and complete it by 1816."

"In 1891 for example the track was laid for a tramway from Sheepscar to Roundhay Park, and the first electrically driven tramway in Great Britain was established. At this time Jupiter was in the electrical sign of Aquarius, the sign of the inspirational and new, and the fifth house of investment in the city, so an inspiring and popular investment for its time. It was interesting that when Jupiter returned to this position in the 1990s, the council were debating plans for an electric rail in Leeds, or the return to trams.

traffic lights
Leeds saw the first ever traffic lights

"The electrical and inspirational sign Aquarius was highlighted again by Venus, when Leeds first permanent automatic traffic lights were introduced on 16 March 1928. It combined with Mercury which rules laws and regulations, and Mars which rules mechanical things. The 'mechanical policeman' was electronically automated to regulate the flow of increasing traffic in the city."

last updated: 08/02/05
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