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28 October 2014

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Leeds Civic Hall
Leeds Civic Hall

Leeds astrological chart: Capital of the north?

By Tricia
Why is Leeds often considered the capital of the north? Tricia searches the stars for the answer.

About Tricia

Tricia is Leeds born and bred, and has studied and practised astrology for over thirty years.

She uses both western (vedic) and eastern (yotish) methods of astrology. Tricia is a member of BAVA (British Association of Vedic Astrologers) which promotes vedic astrology.

Tricia says: "The Moon, ruling waterways, and Cancer, a watery sign influencing the tenth house of the chart, shows us the River Aire, where the first settlers made their homes, would play an important role in the burgeoning life of those dwellers.

"The Aire of course links Leeds with the sea, which Cancer rules. These two influences, Moon on meridian and Cancer ruling tenth show the development of  Leeds Liverpool canal which also  forms a means of access to and from the centre of the town, but also links us to the sea at Liverpool. These watery influences are quite unique to the city features.

"The ruler of sixth on the ascendant promised the city the ability to successfully compete in any era and this is why it has gained the title 'capital of the north'. With the M1 links to London enhancing the A1 route North to South, we were assured that transport networks increased diversity of commercial opportunities, and of course the airport was a major factor in accelerating international exchanges. It also facilitated homing the Health and Safety executive, along with other government agencies which could be happily accommodated with the ready made routes between the two 'capitals'.

"The ascendant, which represents you, the people of the city, has ruler Venus conjoined inspirational Uranus, and has ruler of the third of innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship and opportunities which are even more prolific in the coming months now Jupiter travels Libra again, since October last year.

"How will the citizens of Leeds benefit from the benevolent rays of this planet?

"Happily the benefic Jovian planet is again in trine to natal Mercury, beautifully placed in its own sign in ninth of good fortune, bringing an extra special ray of optimism and enormous expansion in all fields connected to planet Mercury such as commerce and communication media and its respective industries such as print, publishing and stationary trade.

"An exciting development for Leeds as northern capital is the new BBC site at the Quarry Hill location; now the Beeb too can benefit from the remarkable good fortune coming the way of all publishing and media and performing art fields in the city, for the next six months.

"The planets line up to tell us the city is set to attract all manner of interest and don't be surprised if you start rubbing shoulders with some famous  stars while shopping in the city..."

Use the links below to find out how Leeds' astrological chart can affect different aspects of the city.

last updated: 11/02/05
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