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24 September 2014

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Leeds Bus Station
Leeds Bus Station

The man on the Leeds omnibus...

It’s the time of year when you stand at the bus stop freezing your extremities, waiting for a bus that may or may not arrive. So are the bus companies providing us with the quality of service we expect?

Fact File

Since the deregulation of bus services in 1986, there has been a sharp drop in the number of bus journeys undertaken by people in West Yorkshire. In the financial year 1987/88 the figure was 306 million journeys, last year (2003/04) the figure had slipped to 199 million.  

Bus use outside London has declined by a third overall since deregulation of the industry in 1986. Reliability is well below government targets and fares have risen by 10% in real terms in the last five years alone.

Since the deregulation of local bus services in the 1980s, many people have been confused about what level of service they should expect and how much they should be paying and just who funds the running of buses in our area.

To find out more about what kind of services we should expect in the 21st century, we talked to Neil Holt from the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, who are the statutory body responsible for subsidising bus services in Leeds and across the county.

"While it would be desirable to provide more bus services to meet the demands from the public as well as to encourage less traffic on the roads, it’s an inevitable fact of life that in a deregulated local transport network, commercial concerns will be a determining factor when bus companies decide which services they are willing to run and which ones they deem to be unworkable without subsidy from us."

Indeed the feeling from the WYPTE was that the current system doesn’t work:
"The profits being made in our area by the bus companies are generated from the main services between 7am and 6pm, and together with the funding they receive from the PTE for the other services, it means that they pull in an awful lot of money. If you compare the profit margins of various bus operators you can see that in comparison to say - bus companies operating in London - the returns are much higher than they need to be – 18% compared to 4 or 5% in London. If the companies ploughed some of this extra cash back into the business you’d probably see a doubling of the amount of money invested in buses in this area."

However this doesn’t mean that the bus companies are totally inflexible. Changes in the way we work and play has meant that the level of service has to be constantly re-evaluated:
"We are currently in talks with the bus companies about reintroducing some night buses, as the demand has risen and is expected to rise further with new licensing laws affecting the amount of people requiring local transport in the city centre – especially at weekends."

"We’ve also seen that Sunday trading has increased dramatically over the last decade and as a consequence available bus services have had to be reviewed as the evidence of increased trade is there for all to see. We try to make sure that there is a seven day service for the people of Leeds, but there are restrictions as to what we can demand from the companies. However we don’t fund the whole of Sunday services in the way we used to, so there has been improvement."

"It’s a constant balancing act and people constantly refer to the great services they use when they travel in continental Europe, but unfortunately for us, many European countries don’t see public transport as a cash cow as can sometimes be the case over here."

What do you think of the quality of bus services in Leeds? Are we well served? What about value for money? Tell us about your experiences and expectations of bus services in and around Leeds.

last updated: 01/02/05
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In the city centre of Leeds whilst I was waiting for my bus home I saw numerous first buses pass, on time. However my one an hour arriva bus turned up 20 minutes late,with no apology or explanation, crowded and cost me £1.60 to travel into rothwell. The area in which I live is not isolated , it is a busy area with many people willing to use public transport. However as the buses are expensive, travel to leeds and back for a family of 2 adults and 2 children costs £9.60, the buses are only one an hour and this is often late if it turns up at all.There are no buses at all after 6.30 pm. If buses where cheaper, more regular and more reliable maybe people would be more inclined to leave their cars at home.

We live in Morley and have great difficulty getting into leeds. The buses often dont turn up or turn up late. How can they justify putting their fares up so much? They claim its because of petrol prices but do they lower their fares when petrol prices lower!!?? Why do we have to put up with a service like this? We dont allow any other sevice to be so lame? They need some competition to make them stand up and take a long look at themselves. The goverment are trying to get people out of their cars but wheres the incentive when its cheaper to get taxis or pay for parking. We deserve a service that treats us as customers and not as tho they are doing us the favour.

all of you that are complaining about the state of the buses in an around leeds...fair points raised, but what would you do if this service was to be reduced. I travel up to leeds from london and use public transport regularly to get home. Yes buses run late, but thats not the fault of the bus driver, its all those people who insist on driving to work and cause traffic jams. I'll let you think about what else can be done

Luke Wilson
Never seen a city with public transport quite as bad as Leeds'. As a student living at a major student residence, I feel one bus an hour in the evening (finishing at eleven o'clock) is a pretty poor effort. Most students here have cars, because the service is so poor.

Its you people that dirty the buses, its you people that continnually insult the driver, its you people that moan groan and gripe, but how many of you say anything to those people that litter and deface the buses, ill bet there are not a lot of you...leave it to somebody else eh?. Do you really think that the bus service will improve if its re-regulated...wake up...all your doing with re-regulation is putting your money into somebodiy elses coffers.

Bob Ashton, Doncaster
I have just returned from York having travelled on the new ftr buses (on Thursday 11 May 2006). Yes there were technical problems some but I am sure these teething problems will be sorted out. Many of the local passengers riding on them were not too happy about these new type of buses. All I can say is it was the first time that I have ridden on a brand new First bus. All we have on our First operated route 88 to Hatfield (Doncaster) where I live are ancient re-vamped second hand "T" registered ex-London buses, I would swop these any day to have the new ftr on our route. Air condition on what today was a fine, warm, sunny day in York was a wonderful facility. The only less positive aspect off the new frt buses is that engine vibration towards the rear of the bus is both very noisy and uncomfortable inside the vehicle especially when the vechice comes to a stop, a total contrast to a very similar vehicles that are powered by electricity taken from overhead wires in Rome. No vibration, no polution, but then in 1985 - 1987 this quiet and very efficient form of transport once referred to as a trolleybus nearly retuned to the streets of Doncaster (and Rotherham. If you visit Rome what do find brand is a new trolleybus and expanding system operating usuing overhead wires, but then on batteries in the historic part of the city centre. Perhaps the ftr is just a start of better things to come for the public transport on the streets of Great Britain where costs do not permit the new light rail systems. I do feel that places like Leeds, Liverpool, Edinborough etc. should have trams not buses that think they are trams. What is so wrong with the tram? The Super Tram system in Sheffield gives a far quieter and smoother ride. Will the ftr buses last as long as the trams in Sheffield? It is a terrible mistake that the Supertram project for Leeds was cancelled by Aliaster Darling but then lets hope the Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander will give us a better standard of public transport and keep the promises that was made when the present government sought re-election or will he just price us all off the roads with his promised "Spy in the Sky".

bill Dryden
Totally agree,If it wasn't for subsidies bus companies would fold.They only exist to operate on their own terms and make profits for the directors.Even with free travel for the elderly and disabled bus useage is lower than it should be.

I travel back and forth to Leeds City Centre from the Arndale Centre in Headingley 5 days a week for work. First point worth noting is that the majority of my colleagues who live in the area or a similar distance from the city centre will share with one other person as this works out cheaper than the bus for parking and petrol. The second point, and my major gripe with the bus system is this: All tickets have to be brought from the driver while he waits at the stop. The majority of a journey can therefore be spent sat still at stops while all passengers board and by their tickets. Why can we not migrate to operating a system like other UK cities and many European cities where it is the responsibility of the passenger to buy their ticket or pass before travelling. We need to migrate away from single journey fares too and instead operate a day, week month etc. travel card. It is a crazy system exasperated by weekly passes where the driver has to fumble around to find a sleeve in which to place the pass, then remove the cover, put in the ticket which he’s printed off, seal it and take the money from the passenger. This is an absolute disgrace for which the management teams who put such systems in place must surely feel ashamed. Absolutely ridiculous and very frustrating on a Monday morning when all regular travellers want to buy such passes. It’s no wonder we end up with 5 busses all trying to wait in the stop at the Arndale Centre blocking the road and providing more problems for traffic. Travel cards should be sold in local convenience stores, newsagents and at automated dispensing machines. There may be a huge initial outlay to put such a system in place, and an ongoing operational cost to police the system (inspectors) but I’m convinced that it would bring such improvements to the service, usage would increase and profits would reflect this. Come on people think about it, the bus stops, opens all its doors, people get off and board, the doors close and off the bus goes again. A far smoother system than that which is currently offered… Open the Super Tram pot, there’s a load of unused cash in there… And don’t get me going on the topic of dirty busses… Yuch….

Buses are too expensive,uncomfortable and unreliable.Pays to order a taxi if there are three of you travelling !Good riddance to bad service-Thanks Arriva-you have done me proud !

fed up in leeds
The bus service in this city is appauling!I get the 50A to work in Horsforth and it is an auful experience. I cannot get the 50 as this service does not go past my work, so i have to rely on the 50A turning up (which it often doesnt!) First doesnt seem to understand that if you run a service that branches off to 2 separate routes (as do the 50 and 50A at Horsforth) then you cant just not run one and replace it with the other!!! Ive lost count of the number of times i have been left waiting for my bus, only to find 2 (and once 3!!) 50s fly by in quick succession!!Then of course there is the problem of the bus stops that have no shelter and no timetable! Both in the morning and in the afternoon i find myself shivering, often soaked-through waitning anything up to an hour and a half for a bus! Its a good job my employer is very understanding-i could have been sacked by now due to the amount of time i am late for work!I used to live in Manchester, in my area there were many companies all servicing similar routes, so there was plenty of healthy competition. The buses werent always new and clean, but they were cheap and reliable! I also used to live in Paris, which boasts a superb public transport system. My favourite was the signs that told you when your bus would be turning up. Even if there was a 30 min delay the screen would let you know-no pretending the bus was ontime when it clearly wasnt (as the text service metro runs has done to me twice now!!!!). Leeds needs a well-organised, resonably priced and dependable public transport system which it quite clearly hasnt got!!!

I use the First Leeds 97A service to get to work every morning and to be quite honest i sometimes feel i shouldnt bother. I am regularly late for work as anything up to 3 buses in a row dont show up!!I once turned up at my stop at 07:50, yet a bus didnt show until 08.30. For a service that is supposed to be every 20mins this is terrible! I feel that the service run by First is disorganised, unreliable and very overpriced (i pay £13 a week for the privilege of standing at a freezing cold bus stop for a bus that may or may not show up). We are always being warned of the dangers of global warming and the over-use of cars, yet those of us who try to use public transport are left feeling fustrated at the appauling service provided. It no wonder there are so many cars on Leeds roads!!

Every First Group bus I travel on whatever the time of day is dirty, smelly and far too expensive - and they want to run the ridiculous "ftr" in Leeds - what a joke

We used to have an X2 which travelled from Leeds to Garforth, Fairburn Drive with limited stops - now we have to get on crowded buses, standing room only, which only come every half an hour and stop running at 1800 when the majority of people get off going up York Road. There are hundreds of buses serving York Road why do the Garforth and Kippax bound buses have to stop as well? Also the first bus from the Fairburn Road estate - if it arrives comes at 6:50 - not much good when you need to be in Leeds at 07:00 to start work!

Chan Wong
I think the service should not change it has been such a good service always on time that if you mess with it now it will run into the ground the buses are always on time and the fare prices are brilliant

I think the bus service is terrible. They say that buses are going to be every 10mins but I have very often been left waiting for 30mins it is unacceptable. I am 17 and I have to get the bus every day for college and I think you should improve the service to where buses arrive on time

Marjorie Bell
As a pensioner I have no alternative but to use the buses. The bus services for Horsforth are absolutely appalling, especially on a weekend, on Sundays we have both the 50 and 97 running hourly services, (when they are on time, and all the drivers have turned in for work). However, they follow totally different routes.

Lets be clear about this - the transport situation in Leeds is now so bad that it is seriosuly impacting upon people's everyday life. I lived in London for two years and the situation here is far far worse. This will not change unless some serious and immediate action as taken to improve the infastructure on which the bus services run (ie guided bus down the whole of kirkstall road up to kirkstall abbey - proper park and ride - making up the roads to adoptable standard instead of leaving them so bad that people drive around potholes on almost all the main routes to the point where accidents will happen), and serious regulation of the buses occurs. You can park in Leeds for £3 in places but my bus fair is £3.30 a day for just a few miles stood up on a very dirty bus with a usually rude bus driver. Is it any wonder loads of people still drive in Leeds, nobody wants to be taken the mick out of by a bus company making 18%profits out of them. It is a shambles and the Government, Metro and Leeds City Council should be completely embarrased by their failure to grab the bull by the horns.

I use the bus service about once a week, it's usually reliable but I'm pleased I don't have to use it to get to work on as it's very expensive and very slow now due to traffic congestion

Francis Edwards
Don't bus companies simply get rid of services where people complain a lot? The X41 used to be incrediably used with standing only on most buses after the last pick up into Leeds. The reward for complaining of delays caused by the long distance just caused the cancellation of services forcing people to use the more frequent but slower 110 service. Similar complaints about buses being egged in the Wood Lane estate in Rothwell simply redirected the buses away from this estate thus saving bus washing costs and irked passengers.

Well its reassuring (!) to know its not just my route. We're unlucky in that we have the First Leeds 94 (occasionally) and Arriva buses so can't use a Day Rider which is cheaper than the Metro pass. The 94 costs £2 a trip to Leeds whereas the Arriva buses are £1.50 - what a difference over 5 days! And what about a discount for having to stand all the way? The Arriva buses often go past full as they are usually single deckers travelling all the way from Dewsbury or Halifax, though the X25 whizzes past half empty. I always thought the West of Leeds was the poor relation regarding public transport (we don't get those illuminated "Purple Line" buses) but from the other comments I see the whole system is just a shambles. Get the guys who run the show to do the bus run for a few months!

Carol Watkinson
First Bus in Leeds is the most appalling service - dirty buses, surly drivers, buses run very late or regularly do not appear at all and very expensive. No competition at all - to get to Leeds we have to get First Bus. Terrible, terrible service. The people of Leeds deserve better which we used to have when Black Prince were running.

Bus Companys do not care about the public only the money that they get from us the serivice is poor and the standard is worse now than ever and trying to get hold of management of a bus company well that's a task harder than working for a living they want us to stop useing car's and travel on busses some of us who dont drive can only travel on busses and rely on the services that are said to be there but very often are not my journey home should take me 30 mins in rush hour and about 20 in none rush hour yet it takes me about one hour in rush hour if i am lucky i contacted first group today but the people who i wanted to talk to were not there i got told i wish they would come out or hold a public meeting so the people of west yorkshire could have a general meeting with them and tell them exactly what is wrong there are so many people out there who cannt be bothered to complain my advice to those is complain help everyone to get the service that government says we should be haveing and at the moment we are not getting first and arriva are you bothered about your passengers or just the finance that we bring in to your company i wonder how many mangement of transport travel to work on a bus rather than there own cars

My main problem with buses is with the Arriva 164 servicewhich goes direct from leeds to kippax. There are now only 7 164 buses a day (4 on a morning and 3 on an evening)and thats if they even turn up at all, at one point they were every 30 minutes. Just 2 months ago I made a complaint with arriva because within the space of 2 weeks a total of 12 buses didn't turn up. Whenever I do make a complaint I never get an explanation as to why my bus didn't turn up and sometimes I don't even get a reply at all. The 164 service has been changes about 4 times in the last 2 years and Arriva say that the main reason for the 164 being changed all the time is due to not enough people getting on it, but this is because people just dont want to risk waiting for a bus to not turn up, Ive now heard from a bus driver that they are planning on getting rid of them all together. If I had another way of getting to work I would gladly use it, but unfortunately I have to depend on Arriva.

I fully agree with the comments that Lisa has made regarding the bus services in Meanwood and wish there were more people like Lisa and myself who would complain to First Group or Metro or even like how we are doing on here to the news people ie either the papers or this BBC website, in the hope that someone in management might take the comments seriously, and do something about them. Or for the press to make a story about this like how the BBC is doing on here by letting people voice there opinions and get the peoples' voices heard more so that management would then have to look in to these matters. The services around the Meanwood area that serve the people of Meanwood to enable them to travel to different parts of Leeds and surrounding area's are the following. The 51 & 51A Moor Allerton - Meanwood - Leeds - Churwell - Morley And 38 that serves White Rose - Wortley - Kirkstall - Headingley - Moortown Corner - Gledhow And 91 that serves Pudsey - Bramley - Kirkstall - Chapeltown - Headingley - Harehills - Halton Moor The busses on these routes are inadequate to the high demand of service that is required by the general public that use them. In rush hour especially It is annoying that the service is poor that when a bus pulls up at a bus stop not all passengers can get on as the bus is full both seated and standing load. The passengers who are left at the stop have then to wait for another bus to turn up and hope that there is space on that bus for them to travel, or in deed if the bus will turn up at all.It is annoying to see routes such as the 49 and 50 the number 2 service number 3 service service 12 and many more with a more frequent service than ours and also with a more higher standard of fleet and a 10 min service on the route. What do the people of Leeds who live on that side of Leeds have to get this level of bus service that the people of Meanwood and surrounding area's don't have. Why can't First Leeds treat all its passenger's the same. With the recent fare increase in January "YET AGAIN" what are the benefits for the passengers on all routes going to see for this rather than just one of the routes. With the talk of the new Road Rail Car that is going to replace the Super Tram from the Metro Website I got this information from. Plans are also being developed for the introduction of the new 'ftr' StreetCar vehicle on Service 4, the Olive Line between Pudsey and Whinmoor via Leeds city centre, St James's Hospital and Seacroft.Is this reason as to why the bus fares have gone up to cover the cost of this new vehicle. That only some not all the public of Leeds will benefit from. And the passengers who do not travel on that route will not see any benefit from. this how ever it is interesting to see that now the company Black Prince is no longer in service that first Leeds seem to feel they can do what they like as there is no competition in that area but yet us the fare paying passenger should still have regular service and a decent service of transport.

I have been appalled at the deterioration in bus services over the last 12 months in particular serving the meanwood area. The service has reduced from 5 to 2 of which are always full at peak times and perhaps the dirtiest buses on the route which makes it difficult to know if you have reached your stop! In addition to this bus fares have risen twice in a period of 12 months. The latest has been an increase of 20p for a £1.20 fare which is way beyond the level of inflation. If I had a choice not to use the bus service then I would certainly do so. However I am effectively held to ransom by this.

Buses in leeds need to operate through the night. That is After 23:30. Yes the students get their service upto Headingley and Lawnswood 95 and 56's. While suposed Nightrider buses go to Otley and Garforth. Thats if they turn up! Why can't WY Metro fund a hourly service to places like Pudsey, and the cities of Bradford, Wakefield and Halifax. Yes! First Leeds Buses are getting better on certain routes which are operated every 10 mins with the low floor easy access buses. But we still have the other routes which are operated infrequent and by old dirty, smelly buses. By the way if school Kids are getting on your buses why should the bus companies send nice new ones? Send the old ones so the kids can keep on getting rid off them old things. Anyway thats all i,m going to say, for now!

I catch the Arriva 221 and have had to wait over an hour Friday 16th December and almost an hour Monday 19th December. It seemed this was the only service affected as other buses that go from my stop to other areas were plenty. It's too much!! it happens all the time and worse at this time of year. You complain to the bus company but nothing is done about it. Its not a service at all and they make you feel lucky that a bus turns up at all!

Ray Wilkes
Bus servicies are not brilliant in Leeds & Bradford. However, despite the decline across the country, many areas are experiencing a real renaisance in bus provision and patronage. Nearby Harrogate and York are local example, but there are over 20 more up and down the UK. However, there has to be free flowing traffic to get excellent services with new buses and good off peak services. So without a positvie attitude to buses by the local councils, unreliability, cuts and fares increases are invevitable. But it certainly does not have to be like that. Bus use has gone up 90% in Cambridge in 2 years. In Oxford and Brighton, everyone uses the buses. This is a growing trend now and West Yorkshire needs to avoid missing the bus!

Richard, Birstall
Arriva took over my local bus company (based out of Heckmondwike depot) a couple of years ago and it is very noticeable that the fleet has become older and less well maintained. The majority of them at the moment are L & M registrations, several are even older and you can tell just from the sound of the engine. Morning journies to Leeds from Birstall are usually punctual. However, 2 weeks ago, after enduring a week where the frequency on an evening deteriorated to the extent that I was waiting over an hour at peak time (4.35- 5.40) for a supposedly quarter-hourly service I contacted Metro to complain to the agreement of several around me on the bus some of whom had also complained to Metro or Arriva.Timings have improved since then but I must say I have been travelling on the same route for over 16 years and the buses used to be packed full - it is very rare this happens now - even when they are an hour late - so it seems a lot of people are voting with their feet or more accurately with their car wheels - Unfortunately this is the last thing our city needs. Re-regulation is a must as is massive financial investment into the area's public transport infrastructure.

The buses down the Scott Hall raod are between 7:30 and 9:00 am are frequently full so don't stop. It is usually quicker to do the 50 minute walk than wait for the bus.

The bus service that I use in the morning, 33A carries schoolchildren from Otley who are disruptive and noisy. When arriving at school the pupils think that it is a good idea to try and push each other off the stairs when sitting upstairs. I thought that the idea of the yellow buses was to cater for this. The one good idea METRO has come up with though is the text service at bus stops.

How METRO can grant Pegasus more work in and around Wharfedale beggars belief. They are the most unreliable company in the history of West Yorkshire buses. The 737 airlink service they operate is a shambles. Buses never turn up, and the only excuse they can give is that it broke down. 7 times a week??? I don't think so. They also turn short and go back without going to the airport. One driver even admitted that if no one wanted to go through to Bradford, he would tunr round at Shipley and knock off early. God help the people of Otley and Ilkley. Come on METRO. Revoke their franchises asap.

Sam Hirst
I live in the crossgates area of leeds and every day, 5 days a week, I have to travel all the way to Dewsbury Rd. I have to catch the 56 which costs me 3 quid for a dayrider at 8am ( What a rip off!) then I have to catch the 2 or the 3 in Leeds to Dewsbury Rd which is supposed to turn up every 10 minutes (more like every 15). The bus 56 which I catch is disgusting, the silly bus guided bus lanes on York Rd only slow down the bus and when a bus breaks down in them, then the bus behind is doomed as well. To be honest they should of just widened the existing duel carriage way and put a red bus lane on there this would of been FAR more cost effective and faster in my opinion. When I catch the bus there are always people smoking and ALL the windows on ANY bus in Leeds at the rear of the top deck are scratched (tagged) and yes there are posters all over the buses saying (turn in a tagger). In my opinion this doesnt work at all. Also - on the majority of buses in Leeds over 10 years old such as Olympions, H reg Scanias; there are NO cctv cameras and with these buses being older, they run through some of the most deprived areas of Leeds which of course have more thugs on than any other area / buses in Leeds which have cameras on. The only model of buses in Leeds which have cctv cameras on are Volvo b7 alx 400, Eclipse series. So to be quite honest, I dont think my 3 quid day rider which I have to get because there are no cheaper options for me, is NOT worth 3 quid at all!!

Kitty Dubois
Buses? Where??? Here's another late one with surly driver, fares at a £1.00 per mile and so slow they're being overtaken by pedestrians! Only one simple solution - give back public transport to the people...NOW.

Stuart Marshall
Has anyone been using the new sat.nav. bus tracking option made available by Metro ? If so,has it been useful ? My own experience is that buses still come at different times to the timetable,even outside peak times and it's about time a thorough overhaul of all bus operators was made.The public are tired of timetable adjustments,withdrawal of services every few months etc etc.No wonder people are put off using buses-they never know whats coming and when !

A Leeds Resident
I think it is disgusting how bus fares just keep on going up - it seems this happens twice or more per year. A day-rider on Leeds buses now costs £3 during peak times that adds up to an incredible £15 per week just to get to work and back. It's a disgrace.

In a major city such as Leeds, I am constantly dissapointed at how inflexible and irregular services are. If Road charging comes into effect, bus companies will have to do much, much better to cope with demand and to rival cities such as Manchester and the capitol.

Matthew Forth
I have to say, as a former citizen of Leeds (I live in the Harrogate area now, but I do visit Leeds on an irregular basis), it has changed a bit, the main being that the main routes now run every 10 minutes, plus (on some) double-deckers, a lot better than the frequency of my local route which is 1 bus an hour. Some routes have gone downhill, such as the route 42 (Gipton-Old Farnley), not least of going single deck at most times, but when I last used the route, we wre waiting for well over 10 mintues (and this was during the daytime). Cleanliness, is a sharp contrast to my local operator (Harrogate & District, who operates clean and well turned out buses), First Leeds buses can be in bad condition, and have been dissapointed (I'm not sure on Arriva Yorkshires). Even going on a year old Volvo B7/Wright Eclipse Gemini (one of the most stylish 'decker designs around), I noticed there was a lot of graffiti and litter all over. Even as a fellow bus enthusiast, it is such a dissapointment to see this. I hope in Leeds, the main operators (First Leeds and Arriva Yorkshire) can take a lesson from what Harrogate & District have done with the 36, and make their routes into something that can REALLY compete against the car. However, I was happy to see notices, and "Targeting a Tagger", and about CCTV and plain clothed police officers, I hope that this is working, as crime is a cancer and must be stopped from spreading. Lastly when motorists blame bus operators for not running on time, they should stop, and realise a big part of the problem is pointed squarley at themselves!

Paula Milnes
I have to say that during the day my bus service is on the whole not too bad (tho' it has its moments!) however after 6pm is another story. The main problem is that there is no choice, I can go to Leeds city centre and that is it, so any other journey is 2 buses often each being half hourly, so a 10 mile journey can take well over an hour!!I also find that the bus companies are blamed for dirty buses, but it is the people using them that cause this problem and put many people using buses, that is loud mouthed yobs, people playing music at full blast, smelly and very smelly people! Changes in routes and timetable without consulting people who actually use the buses are plain stupid, as are the so called 10 min services which are virtually impossible for the drivers to keep to. Don't blame the drivers, blame bad management.

Stuart Marshall
Bus services in West Yorks are a shambles. Bus operators change timetables/routes at will, without consultation. I have had to contact Metro 3 times in past fortnight about non arrivals of an hourly (Arriva) night service. Are the paying public expected to "rely" upon such appalling service? Quite clearly, the operators are happy taking cash at peak times from people without alternative travel options. Greed, not public demand is the main motivation.

i think the bus service in leeds is absolute rubbish i stand waiting for 45mins for a bus when mine are supposedly due every 15mins! the fares are becoming extortionate which will push people into using there own cars to drive to to work thus making the bus companys put the fares up even higher to cover the cost of the missing customers! when the buses do finally arrive they are either full as the bus service have only sent a single decker when at rush hour i would think its obvious we need double decker buses to take the morning/evening rushes or they are dirty even the new style buses are always filthy i know this is down to the passengers but im sure the bus company must have the buses cleaned every once in a while?!

julie kemp
having recently returned to using the buses in and around Leeds after some years, my three main comments are the lack of cleanliness, both inside and outside of the buses; the utter confusion about which line/company. The third is the high cost, £1.40 to travel six stops! is far too high. The standard of driving appears to have deteriorated too, I have witnessed many times recently of buses screeching to a stop, sending passengers flying or having to hang on tight when drivers are negotiating corners etc.

Francis Edwards
The frequency of some regularly used services such as the X15/41 have been dropping for years with the buses being full before and after the closure of the services. Is subsidy the driving factor with providing services? Surely enough research has been done by now with regard to the services required to cope with the passenger numbers. Get the rush hour right and people will use buses the other times!

I have to say the bus service has gotten worse over the years. The so called "Every ten minutes" claim is a blatant lie.If I wait just ten minutes for one it would be a Red Letter day.I consider myself lucky if I wait only 30 minutes. I am disabled now & cannot stand for long periods yet I have to waiting for a bus & sometimes when on the bus as they are often full & the young do not get up these days to offer you their seat.Often when standing on the bus the driver goes at such speed you cannot hold on if you are orderly or disabled. Where I live ti will only get worse if the Supertram goes ahead.We were to be part of the Supertram yet they have cut us from the Supertram route. I do think the fares are not value for money.We get the concession fare,35p,however that is not until after 9:30am.If we have to travel before that time,& we often do for hospital appointments,then we have to pay the full fare & stand on a bus speeding down the road & breaking at such a rate you risk going through the windscreen.It is very scary.Why should I have to pay £1.70 to wait up to 30 minutes,to stand on a crowded bus & Be treated to a ride from hell? On most trips we cannot get up from our seat,if we are lucky to get one,until the bus stops,drivers will not wait to let us get off either.They moan & groan at us as we walk down the bus,many times on the buses that can be lowered they do not do so either to let disabled & elderly people on & off. We need to take bus travel seriously & implement a national policy to improve the services for all who travel on the bus,taking into account regional & local needs if we are to reduce the congestion & pollution,to encourage more to use the bus.I know where I live more would use the buses if they could get one.The fare is value for money if we get a good service.If the buses are clean,no damage seats,facilities for orderly & disabled,driver who are polite (Some are,I most say some are very helpful).It seems bus companies forget we are the paying customers,we pay their wages & salaries,without us they would be out of a job. Get your act together & listen to your passengers,we do not complain for the fun if it,we complain because we are right.

First Leeds need to be stopped. They just keep on rising fares. I prefer to use the bus but it is becoming ridiculous, having to pay out just to sit on some (frequently smelly, messy) bus.

David J. Anderson
Re-regulate the bus service. It's quite clear that commercial considerations will dominate until this happens. Some companies are abyssmally bad. A journey with Yorkshire Traction, for example, isn't going to encourage any driver to leave their car in the garage.

when i come to leeds i catch the bus and have had no trouble with them, while here in west australia we have 1 bus every hour weekends on most routes and some every 3 hours weekdays are no better with 1 every 30 minates or longer

Terry Piper
Buses in Leeds I can sum them up in a few words: unreliable and expensive the fares keep rising faster than inflation and often more than once a year, could be due to higher fuel costs - but they don't go back down when fuel prices do some bus routes are worse than others with massive gaps in the 'frequent service' and I'd love to know why the number of buses drops so dramatically at 6 in the evening a lot of people work later than that so no wonder cars are so popular WY Metro figures on thier website show that since 1985 passenger numbers have dropped by over 100 million a year - when you are next stuck on the Armley gyratory remember that

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