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CLIP 3615

Urban planning in Shanghai - Professor Ruan Yisan (pt 3/3)

Urban planning in Shanghai - Professor Ruan Yisan (pt 3/3)

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Key Info
  • Urban planning in Shanghai - Professor Ruan Yisan (pt 3/3)
  • Duration: 05:30
  • Public awareness of conservation issues is growing in Shanghai, so Professor Ruan Yisan is now focusing his energies on the surrounding rural areas. A network of rivers and canals crisscrosses the land and has helped the growth of small towns flourishing on water trade. Professor Ruan's work has a sense of urgency, since much of the countryside has already been destroyed. In a rush to modernise in the 1980s many canals were filled in to make way for roads, and old buildings torn down to be replaced by new ones. Luckily, there are still a few towns and villages that have been untouched. In the yet unspoilt water town of Xinchang, Professor Ruan points out traditional motifs and styles on old buildings. He says that these, along with story-telling and other ancient customs, are the town's greatest asset and, if preserved properly, will attract tourism. The tourist trade is already a big success in Zhujiajiao, another water town outside Shanghai. However, in an excessive zeal to make the town look more authentic, buildings were put up in the wrong style. Professor Ruan calls them 'fake antiques'. He's now been asked by the local authorities to rectify the damage. But he knows that he must go on before China loses its cultural heritage altogether.
  • Subject:



    Current Affairs and Social Issues

  • Keywords: rural, water towns, water trade, canals, asset, antiquity, rectify, preserve, conserve, cultural heritage
Ideas for use in class
  • Research on the ancient water trade of the countryside around Shanghai. Discuss what Prof Ruan means by the 'assets' of a town and why it's important to preserve these.
Background details
  • Clip language : Chinese
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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