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CLIP 3613

Urban planning in Shanghai - Professor Ruan Yisan (pt 1/3)

Urban planning in Shanghai - Professor Ruan Yisan (pt 1/3)

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Key Info
  • Urban planning in Shanghai - Professor Ruan Yisan (pt 1/3)
  • Duration: 05:44
  • Shanghai is a city of grand designs and a battleground for architects and developers fighting to make their mark. Ruan Yisan, Professor of Urban Planning at Tongji University, explains that the trend for destroying the old goes back to dynastic times when new emperors wanted to remove all reminder of previous rulers, as well as the old rural custom of 'slash and burn'. Professor Ruan is himself a fierce campaigner for the restoration of old buildings and, fired by a passion for them, has worked on two projects which have gained him prestigious awards. The first is the waterfront - the renovation of the magnificent banks and hotels on the Bund dating back to the city's colonial period and the construction of an elevated promenade which allows pedestrians to admire the city's views in safety. The second is Nanjing Road, known in the 1920s as China's 'Golden Mile'. It was then the commercial centre for the whole of Asia, attracting 400,000 customers with its foreign luxury goods. Following the refurbishment of its buildings and the introduction of a pedestrian area, visitor numbers have more than doubled.
  • Subject:



    Current Affairs and Social Issues

  • Keywords: landmark, slash and burn, Qing Dynasty, tea, silk, porcelain, opium, British India, Bund, financial institution, promenade, pedestrian area, nostalgia, commercial centre, luxury goods, modernisation
Ideas for use in class
  • Research on Shanghai's history in the early 1900s and what factors contributed to the existence of its Western architecture and its rapid growth into an international commercial centre. Discussion on the arguments for and against the restoration of old buildings.
Background details
  • Clip language : Chinese
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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