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Ulster Workers Council strike 1974

Ulster Workers Council strike 1974
Key Info
  • Ulster Workers Council strike 1974
  • Duration: 03:10
  • In 1974, the British government put forward a proposed solution to Northern Ireland's troubles by reaching an agreement with the Republic of Ireland for a new form of government in Northern Ireland. The agreement was reached at Sunningdale House in Berkshire and became known as the Sunningdale Agreement. When its terms were announced the Unionist population of Northern Ireland had serious doubts. However, there is some debate about how hostile this population was. Unionist politicians called for a protest action but on the first day a small percentage joined the protest. This proportion rose over the next few days, encouraged by the actions and presence of Loyalist paramilitary groups. Critics argued that those protesting had been intimidated into joining the strike, Loyalist hardliners argued that they simply helped to organise and mobilise support for the strike. Whatever the arguments, the strike undermined the Sunningdale Agreement.
  • Subject:



    Northern Ireland in the 20th Century

  • Keywords: Ulster, Unionist, Loyalist, Sunningdale, paramilitary
Ideas for use in class
  • The narrator, the Unionist councillor and the paramilitary leader Glenn Barr all have different interpretations of the role of the Loyalist groups in this strike and its aftermath. How is it possible to have such different versions of the story when the events are all known?
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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