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Toys and games

Toys and games
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  • Toys and games
  • Duration: 01:45
  • All Victorian children loved playing games, but what they played with depended on how wealthy their parents were. Victorian working class children had very little playtime and no money to buy toys. When they weren't at school, poor children played. Often the boys and girls played different games. For example, metal hoops were popular with the boys as they used to race each other by rolling them with a stick. In the Autumn conkers could be found for free and marbles were also a cheap option. Many toys were handmade, such as skipping ropes. Girls would make up rhymes to skip along to. Wooden tops were made from offcuts from mills. Rich people would build playrooms at the top of their houses so the children could not be heard playing. They would have dolls houses and rocking horses to play with. This clip has subtitles available in Flash.
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    Homes and Toys

  • Keywords: toys, games, victorian, hopscotch, leapfrog, cup and ball, hoop and stick, dolls house, rocking horse, subtitled
Ideas for use in class
  • Role play the difference between rich and poor children in Victorian times, then turn it into a modern day look at the toys students might own.
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  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 4x3

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