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Cashk@tz: (pt 1.3) Saving vs Spending
Cashk@tz: (pt 1.3) Saving vs Spending

Duration: 05:09

The Alleyk@tz, a teen band, earn £1500 but disagree about what to do with the money . Should they spend, save or give?

Cashk@tz: (pt 2/3) Credit
Cashk@tz: (pt 2/3) Credit

Duration: 04:26

Jez’s older brother, Luke, uses his credit card to buy the Alleyk@tz the new guitar they need. But, after they’ve worked hard to pay Luke back, the band learns that borrowing money comes with a cost.

Cashk@tz: (pt 3/3)  Income Tax
Cashk@tz: (pt 3/3) Income Tax

Duration: 04:39

The Alleyk@tz find out about paying tax.


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