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The story of Galen in the Roman period

The story of Galen in the Roman period
Key Info
  • The story of Galen in the Roman period
  • Duration: 05:04
  • Galen lived in Rome, 500 years after the Hippocratic doctors. By treating the Emperor he became one of the most famous doctors in Rome. He carried out a public dissection of a pig to prove Greek medicine was wrong to think the heart controlled the body. His theory of the body as a system dominated medicine for 1,400 years. But he was held back by religious beliefs that said dissection was wrong. Instead, he went to gladiator school where he was able to study wounds and also searched for broken tombs.
  • Credits: The Wellcome Trust
  • Subject:



    Medicine Through Time

  • Keywords: medicine through time, Galen, dissection, Rome
Ideas for use in class
  • Students could watch the clip, plus the Ancient Greek clip, then write an imaginary conversation between a Greek doctor and Galen, highlighting the key differences (and similarities) between their views and approaches to medicine.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 4x3

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