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The Nikolayev Pogrom, 1905

The Nikolayev Pogrom, 1905
Key Info
  • The Nikolayev Pogrom, 1905
  • Duration: 02:24
  • A pogrom is a form of mob attack directed against a particular group, either approved or condoned by authorities. In particular it has come to be associated with violence against Jewish people. Actress Zoe Wanamaker learns about the pogrom of 1905 in the border area between Poland and Russia, in which her grandfather was caught up before he emigrated to America to escape the violence. This clip was first published on the Who Do You Think You Are? website - Please note, this clip is only available in Flash.
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  • Keywords: pogrom, anti-semitism, persecution, racism, violence, discrimination, emigration, family history, geneology, holocaust, middle east, migration
Ideas for use in class
  • Students could discuss the impact of a pogrom against Jews and their attitudes to staying in Nikolaev. Can the world today still learn from this historical event and, if so, what are the lessons we should learn? Contrast the experience of a pogrom for Jews living in Nikolayev (1905) and that of Jews in Germany during Kristallnacht (1938). Further information on the Zoe Wanamaker programme can be found here:
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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