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The ingenious Thomas Heatherwick - designer and engineer

The ingenious Thomas Heatherwick - designer and engineer
Key Info
  • The ingenious Thomas Heatherwick - designer and engineer
  • Duration: 05:47
  • The internationally renowned designer and engineer, Thomas Heatherwick, demonstrates his famous glass and rolling bridges. Born in London in 1970, Thomas Heatherwick fast became an internationally renowned designer before becoming a sculptor, product designer, engineer and inventor. Thomas showcases his idea for a glass bridge made from 1,200 glass panels, and held together without screws, bolts or adhesives. We also see a demonstration of his famous rolling bridge which is in use at Paddington Basin in London. We see the rolling bridge in operation as it lifts and curls into a free-standing circular sculpture.
  • Subject:

    Construction and The Built Environment


    Methods and Materials

  • Keywords: construct, transport, pedestrian, health, safety, environmental, methods, engineering, structures, safeguarding, iron, aesthetic, economic, modern, types, spanning, pressure, hydraulic, free-standing, lifting, swing, design, invent
Ideas for use in class
  • This clip will support teaching of the unit on Methods and Materials at foundation level, Structures at higher level and Health, Safety and Environmental Influences at advanced level. It provides a good example of how a simple design idea can be put to ingenious practical use. Following the clip students could be asked at foundation level to think about bridges and how they are built; at higher level to carry out an investigation into the differences between a lifting bridge and a swing bridge; at advanced level research the various types of swing bridges and showcase three different examples.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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