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CLIP 3605

The farmers of Hongya County embark on dairy farming (pt 2/3)

The farmers of Hongya County embark on dairy farming (pt 2/3)

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Key Info
  • The farmers of Hongya County embark on dairy farming (pt 2/3)
  • Duration: 04:38
  • Up in the mountains a massive tree-planting scheme is taking place. Head Forest Ranger Chen Weizhong still recalls the early days when trees were chopped down wantonly. Now, he and his forest guardians (formerly loggers) watch out for illegal tree-felling. But the tree-planting scheme has been so successful, it is now actually necessary to cut some of them down, although in a controlled manner. Meanwhile, Professor Hu Tingxing, an ecologist from Sichuan University, is testing different plants to see which can give best protection against soil erosion. Bamboo turns out to be the winner. Not only does it grow quickly, giving fast ground cover, it also has many uses and is therefore an excellent cash crop. After four years of reforestation, the mountains are well covered with greenery and proof of reduced losses of soil is in the river waters below. Once thick with silt, it now runs clear and is no longer a risk to the local inhabitants.
  • Subject:



    Current Affairs and Social Issues

  • Keywords: tree-planting, reforestation, soil erosion, tree-felling, logger, ecology, cash crop, bamboo
Ideas for use in class
  • Research on reforestation schemes in Sichuan and research on the different uses of bamboo.
Background details
  • Clip language : Chinese
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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