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CLIP 104

The digestive system of animals

The digestive system of animals

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Key Info
  • The digestive system of animals
  • Duration: 03:26
  • The presenter learns how food is digested in the animal body. The stomach breaks down carbohydrates and proteins and she learns about the digestive processes in the duodenum and ileum, which are part of the small intestine. Finally, she learns about the workings of the large intestine and how waste food is eventually passed out of the body. This clip has subtitles available in Flash.
  • Subject:



    Bio: Human Body

  • Keywords: stomach, nutrition, diet, nourishment, duodenum, ileum, bile, liver, enzyme, pancreas, villi, anus, nutrients, intestine, subtitled
Ideas for use in class
  • Use this clip to explain the different processes involved in digestion and as an introduction to enzyme action. There is an opportunity to make links to particle theory (absorption into bloodstream).
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 4x3

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