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The city of tomorrow: sustainable housing in Sweden

The city of tomorrow: sustainable housing in Sweden
Key Info
  • The city of tomorrow: sustainable housing in Sweden
  • Duration: 04:47
  • A look at the design process behind a sustainable housing development in Sweden. Bo01 in Malmo, Sweden, is an experimental, forward-thinking housing community in a regenerated harbour area. It focuses on sustainability and cutting edge design. The second development, Bo02, was an opportunity to use the knowledge gained from Bo01 and apply it to a new community with many of the same goals. In addition, Bo02 had to be affordable, something in which Bo01 had failed. What was learned, applied and changed in the new development?
  • Subject:

    Design and Technology


    New Technologies

  • Keywords: DesignedWorld, design, process, society, house, carbon, sustainability, power, architect, Sweden, energy, water, climate, technology, geography
Ideas for use in class
  • The two developments in Malmo, Sweden, have attempted to produce sustainable community housing. The designers used two approaches – looking backwards in time to identify desirable features of communal living and then using their findings to inform designs which utilised modern energy efficient materials and structures. Lessons learned from the shortcomings of the first development were used to inform the second development. The overall findings are likely to be useful in housing design in many different countries. You can use this programme to provide a stimulus for pupils who are considering sustainable building design for homes, schools or public buildings.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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