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Talkie Time - 'at' words

Talkie Time - 'at' words
Key Info
  • Talkie Time - 'at' words
  • Duration: 10:10
  • An interactive sketch encouraging children to join in. Presenter Rodd gets a special letter delivered to him that contains two other very special letters, 'A' and 'T'. Rodd puts them together to make a word when he has sounded them out. Other sounds are suggested to put in front of the 'at' sound to make new words. The children practice writing the letters in the air and sounding out the new words. Rodd then sets the children a challenge to make the new sounds with their bodies in pairs.
  • Subject:




  • Keywords: Phase 2, Talkie-time, interactive, phonics, sounds, letters, letter shapes, talking and listening, 'at'
Ideas for use in class
  • The teacher should read out the dialogue written during the sketch as though talking to Rodd. It would be useful to have looked at the phonetic blend ‘at’ as well as the phonetic sounds of ‘h’, ‘r’ and ‘m’ prior to viewing this clip. Encourage the children to join in with Rodd in sounding out the letters. Pause and allow children to think of new words beginning with the sound. Get the children to see if they can find any examples in the classroom. Pause the clip and pair the children off to see if they can complete Rodd’s challenge of using their bodies to make the letter shapes. Draw the pictures that Rodd suggests of the words that have been sounded out.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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