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Surviving the Holocaust: one woman's witness and survival

Surviving the Holocaust: one woman's witness and survival
Key Info
  • Surviving the Holocaust: one woman's witness and survival
  • Duration: 04:10
  • A recreation of a witness testimony to the evacuation of Jews from the Munich Ghetto to an 'unknown death' in the Spring of 1942. The witness gives a graphic account of what she saw. She mentions how the Jews were herded out of the ghetto at a moments notice, gathered together at a train station for two days and then suddenly loaded into cattle trucks. She appears to have been selected by the Nazi to work in the ghetto. The narrator describes how she worked in the ghetto for two weeks, burned her papers, tore off her yellow Star of David and escaped. She lived out of sight for the next two years until she was helped to Freiberg and then over the border to Switzerland. This testimony was given to a member of the Jewish underground.
  • Credits: Imperial War Museum, Chronos-Media GmbH, British Movietone
  • Subject:



    The Holocaust and Genocide

  • Keywords: Nazi Germany, Ghetto, Munich Ghetto, Death Camp, poison gas, Nazism, Anti-Semitism, radicalisation, Adolf Hitler, Volksgemeinschaft, Racial Policy, Aryan, Holocaust, yellow star, concentration camps, Jewish underground, WW2
Ideas for use in class
  • After studying what happened to Jews and other outsiders to the Nazi State during the Holocaust, this clip can be used to start the other side of the debate, to consider what people did to survive. Students could discuss the nature and significance of her actions and to consider what they might have done in similar circumstances. There are also associated cross-curricular links to Citizenship.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 4x3

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