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Sunset Song: Characterisation Through Relationships (pt 1/2)

Sunset Song: Characterisation Through Relationships (pt 1/2)
Key Info
  • Sunset Song: Characterisation Through Relationships (pt 1/2)
  • Duration: 03:13
  • Discussion, reading of extracts and dramatisation explore the relationship between Chris Guthrie and her father. John Guthrie is hard working and God fearing but also cruel and humourless. He is torn between his religious beliefs and his sex drive, including his feelings for Chris. In return Chris is shown to be mistrusting of her father but ultimately loyal and compassionate. Please note this clip is only available in Flash. THIS CLIP INCLUDES EXTRACTS AND DISCUSSION OF SEXUAL THEMES.
  • Warning: Deals with adult themes
  • Subject:



    Fiction Post 1900: United Kingdom

  • Keywords: SunsetSong, A Scot's Quair, Lewis Grassic Gibbon, novel, character, Scotland, English, relationship
Ideas for use in class
  • Students should think about the ways in which we come to understand character and how we learn about characters through their behaviour towards others and how other behave towards them. Ask them to think about incidents in reality that have shown aspects of character (e.g. standing up to a bully reveals courage), then focus on the novel. Ask the students to identify points at which Chris's character has been revealed through her relationship to others, particularly through contrast to others. After they have offered ideas about her relationship to others, divide her relationships up into: Chris and her father, Chris and Ewan.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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