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Some Dogs Bite (pt 5/10)

Some Dogs Bite (pt 5/10)
Key Info
  • Some Dogs Bite (pt 5/10)
  • Duration: 04:55
  • Fifth extract from the film Some Dogs Bite, which follows a group of vulnerable young people on their journey to find some stability and security in their lives. Venetia is beginning to feel a deep attraction towards H. Her best friend, Seema, asks Venetia why she is always doing this, looking for new relationships, falling for new boyfriends. Venetia jokingly makes a distinction between real friends, like Seema and boyfriends, but she cannot hide her admiration for H. She finds H watching over Sevvie while Casey sleeps. The two of them talk again, and this time H begins to tell Venetia about his own upbringing, the importance of his grandmother and her good luck charm which he still keeps. The discussion becomes more tender and intimate, and they begin to kiss passionately, before Venetia suddenly pulls away from H. She recalls how her mother used to have sex in the same room when she was a child, and she cannot bring herself to do the same thing while the baby is there.
  • Warning: Contains strong language and adult themes.
  • Subject:




  • Keywords: parenting, parents, family, mother, father, childhood, responsibility, relationships, nurture, somedogsbite
Ideas for use in class
  • This follows on from Clip 11307 and would most effectively be used in conjunction with that sequence. The key issue is the role of parents and the effect on Venetia of her mother's behaviour. It illustrates the underpinning theme of the film: parents, their behaviour and attitudes, and their effect upon children. We see it through all the major characters H, Casey, Lennie, Venetia and their need for stability. For more teaching resources related to this film, (both PSHE/Media Studies), please go to
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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