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Seeking Refuge – Rachel’s journey from a country in Eurasia

Seeking Refuge – Rachel’s journey from a country in Eurasia
Key Info
  • Seeking Refuge – Rachel’s journey from a country in Eurasia
  • Duration: 05:05
  • An animated documentary featuring 17 year old Rachel who escaped her country of origin having suffered years of persecution because of her religion. Rachel describes the suffering she underwent in her country, her experiences in a UK detention centre and what she hopes to achieve as a result of her experiences. After settling in to life in the UK and enjoying her first experience of a normal childhood, she was suddenly sent to a detention centre and then deported back to her country. Having escaped a second time to the UK, Rachel finally received a letter confirming she was allowed to stay in the country. Rachel intends to study law, so she can help others who have suffered in a similar way. First broadcast on the Learning Zone on BBC2 in June 2012 as part of the programme Seeking Refuge.
  • Subject:

    Citizenship and Modern Studies


    Community Diversity and Identity

  • Keywords: refugee, persecution, religion, sanctuary, conflict, asylum seeker, immigration, detention, Christianity, Islam, SeekingRefuge
Ideas for use in class
  • Could be a dynamic resource for all areas of the curriculum lending themselves in particular to PSHE and Citizenship, but also RE, English, Geography, History and Art. A good illustration of why some people have to flee their country, and therefore help raise questions about issues such as persecution. This could be used in PSHE and Citizenship lessons to start a discussion on what it's like for children adapting to life in the UK and the issues they are often dealing with when they arrive. Explores the importance of the rights to health, education, a home, work, safety and the part we all play in this. This could also be used in an RE lesson to illustrate the existence of religious persecution in different parts of the world and what lengths people go to be able to practice their religion. In an English lesson it could generate discussion for the different genres of writing, providing an example of narrative and describing personal experiences.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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