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Seeking Refuge – Navid’s journey from Iran

Seeking Refuge – Navid’s journey from Iran
Key Info
  • Seeking Refuge – Navid’s journey from Iran
  • Duration: 04:23
  • When Navid's father's life was in danger, he fled their home in Iran and came to the UK. A couple of years later, Navid and his mother also left, and travelled a long journey to England, mostly overland. He describes why he had to leave, his long journey over here, and how he has adjusted to life in the UK. Now 16, Navid describes the difficult journey him and his mother took when he was five, as well as how it felt adjusting to life in the UK. First broadcast on the Learning Zone on BBC2 in June 2012 as part of the programme Seeking Refuge.
  • Subject:

    Citizenship and Modern Studies


    Community Diversity and Identity

  • Keywords: refugee, sanctuary, conflict, asylum seeker, immigration, Iran, persecution, politics, SeekingRefuge
Ideas for use in class
  • Could be a dynamic resource for all areas of the curriculum lending themselves in particular to PSHE and Citizenship, but also English, Geography, History and Art. A good illustration of why some people have to flee their country, and therefore help raise questions about persecution and war. Also to start a discussion on what it's like for children adapting to life in the UK. Could be used in a Citizenship lesson to lead a discussion on identity, exploring the importance of belonging, and the effects of alienation and displacement on young people arriving in the UK. In an English lesson it could generate discussion for the different genres of writing, providing an example of narrative and describing personal experiences.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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