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Seamus Heaney - 'Follower'

Seamus Heaney - 'Follower'
Key Info
  • Seamus Heaney - 'Follower'
  • Duration: 02:19
  • Writer and poet John Hegley reads and contextualises Seamus Heaney's 'Follower'. The poem and commentary emphasise the mythology that surround fathers and how this changes over time. An elderly man reflects on his relationship with his father, also a ploughman, and how he wasn't allowed to plough. Heaney himself describes his relationship with his father and how he was overwhelmed by him.
  • Credits: ITN Source/ITV Productions
  • Subject:



    Poetry: Late 20th Century and Contemporary

  • Keywords: mythologise, mythical, voice, relationship, archetype, Seamus Heaney, contextualisation
Ideas for use in class
  • This clip takes the poem and explores how it relates to other father/son relationships. Ask students to find a poem which explores a relationship. How universal are the ideas expressed in the poem? Ask them to find other poems that describe a similar relationship. What are the similarities and differences in the way the relationship is described?
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 4x3

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