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Rush hour race across London (pt 1/2)

Rush hour race across London (pt 1/2)
Key Info
  • Rush hour race across London (pt 1/2)
  • Duration: 10:20
  • The Top Gear team take four different modes of transport across London to see who will be first to reach London City Airport, with each method having its own problems and challenges. Who will win, and what does it tell us about the future for transport in our cities? In the first part, the challenge is set and the route is shown while each team member explains why they think their method of transport will win. Once on the road the drawbacks of each form of transport in a big city quickly become clear. Published as part of the Top Gear website Please note this clip is only available in Flash.
  • Subject:

    Citizenship and Modern Studies


    Environment and Sustainability

  • Keywords: public transport, cyclist, congestion, traffic, pollution, speed, map, route, geography, travel, TopGear
Ideas for use in class
  • First 45 seconds useful as introduction, then combined with 21 minutes onwards would serve as a useful and evocative introduction to issues of transport and sustainability. Why is traffic so bad in our cities, is public transport the answer, what is the future of the car? All these questions are raised, but students can debate the answers.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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