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Romeo and Juliet: Act 3 Scene 1 - The fight

Romeo and Juliet: Act 3 Scene 1 - The fight
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  • Essential study as this key scene marks the turning point in the play from which a series of tragic events lead to Romeo and Juliet's ultimate demise. The scene enforces the themes that run throughout the play. Remind students that the contrasting themes of love and hate run through the play. How are they highlighted in this scene? Ask students to read through the scene and highlight all the words that relate to love in one colour, and those which relate to hate in another. Then ask students to look in detail at the exchange between Tybalt and Romeo starting from the line “Romeo, the love I bear thee...”. Why does Romeo say that he loves Tybalt? What is the effect of Romeo's 'love' on the scene? And on Mercutio ? In this scene, although Mercutio is mortally wounded, he jokes about his injury. Discuss with students how they would react to an injury like this. Why does Mercutio apparently take it so lightly and how does this affect Romeo and Benvolio's reactions to his state? Why do they think Shakespeare chose to put in these jokes? What does it suggest about the environment of Verona and the way its young men behave? Ask students to discuss Mercutio cursing both houses. What effect does it have on the other characters, as well as on us, the audience, when he curses Romeo's family as well as Tybalt's? Find further resources at
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