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Restorative justice: the meeting

Restorative justice: the meeting
Key Info
  • Restorative justice: the meeting
  • Duration: 07:47
  • A young offender and the victim of his crime meet face to face in a meeting. The offender describes why he committed the crime and the circumstances that led him to do it. The victim has the chance to ask him questions and tell him how she experienced the crime in a setting mediated by Restorative Justice workers. The meeting enables the offender to apologise and offers the chance for the victim to gain some understanding of why he committed the crime.
  • Subject:

    Citizenship and Modern Studies


    Crime and The Criminal Justice System

  • Keywords: crime, criminal, offender, justice, stealing, robbery, victim, right, wrong, burglary, stolen, guilt, fear, restorative justice, sorry, apologise, recompense, Secondary Citizenship
Ideas for use in class
  • Use as a trigger for a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of using restorative justice. What are the possible positive and negative outcomes of such meetings? Take the use of restorative justice from this case and translate it into a school context. In particular you could focus on the issue of peer bully courts as a means of dealing with minor bullying incidents.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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