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Report on disputed peat extraction in Northern Ireland

Report on disputed peat extraction in Northern Ireland
Key Info
  • Report on disputed peat extraction in Northern Ireland
  • Duration: 00:54
  • News report about a dispute over peat extraction at Ballynahone Bog. Environmentalists want it designated for protection and are prepared to take the Minister for the Environment to court. The company with permission to extract the peat says a public enquiry deemed the bog should not be given special significance. The Department of the Environment is reviewing its status in light of a European directive. First broadcast on BBC NI Newsline on 4 July 1994
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  • Keywords: Ballynahone Bog, Glenshane Pass, peat extraction, habitat, Department of the Environment
Ideas for use in class
  • This could be used for a study of the conflict between economic and environmental needs. It could demonstrate the causes and consequences of an environmental event making the news. Peat extraction is a primary industry that provides jobs in Northern Ireland. It's used as fuel and for gardening. Ask the students to find out more about peat-free alternatives. Run some practical tests, planting seeds in peat-based and peat-free compost to see if there is any difference in growth. Record growth rates and plot on a graph. Also see Clip: 07843 on Ballynahone Bog.
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  • Clip language : English
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