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Recognising nets of prisms and pyramids (signed)

Recognising nets of prisms and pyramids (signed)
Key Info
  • Recognising nets of prisms and pyramids (signed)
  • Duration: 01:07
  • Children are asked to distinguish the net of a triangular based pyramid from those of other prisms and pyramids. This provides a good opportunity for the children to practise using their knowledge of properties of 3D shapes.
  • Subject:



    2D and 3D Shapes

  • Keywords: 3D, shape, net, prism, pyramid, triangular, base, vertex, face, signed, properties
Ideas for use in class
  • The beginning of the clip could be shown in isolation and the children could be encouraged to make up the nets of the shapes to investigate the answer themselves. They could be encouraged to do the same activity by 'imagining' the nets made into shapes and could be encouraged to justify their opinions on what shape the nets would make by using the appropriate vocabulary. This would be a good opportunity to revise the properties of prisms and the two different types of pyramid.
Background details
  • Clip language : British Sign Language
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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