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President Bill Clinton – a profile

President Bill Clinton – a profile
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  • President Bill Clinton – a profile
  • Duration: 04:27
  • Tony Blair's former Chief of Staff Jonathan Powell and actor Dominic West profile former US President Bill Clinton, giving their opinions on his personality, politics and the events that shaped his presidency. Jonathan Powell explains how Bill Clinton won election to the White House by shifting the Democratic Party into the centre ground, winning back voters lost to the Republican Party under Reagan. This meant combining liberal social policies with a conservative fiscal approach: reforming the healthcare system at the same time as balancing the budget. This approach lead Clinton to preside over one of the longest periods of economic growth in America's history. Dominic West describes why he thinks Clinton’s natural "charisma" and "star quality" was an influence on major peace processes in Northern Ireland, the Middle East and Kosovo. Clinton’s presidency, however, was tarnished by a series of scandals and impeachment in his second term and Dominic West explains that his perseverance through this earned him the reputation as the "Comeback Kid".
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    USA: from 1942

  • Keywords: USPresidents, Presidency, USA, America, impeachment, Reagan, Democrats, Clinton doctrine, Tony Blair, fiscal policy, deficit, economy, saxophone, PLO, Good Friday
Ideas for use in class
  • Could be used as an introduction to the pros and cons of foreign policy intervention or for a discussion about the importance of personality for leadership. Could be used as a way of introducing interpretation and significance. Could be used in conjunction with other US President profiles 13880, 13877, 13878, 13879 and #7219
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