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CLIP 9613

Interpretive dance - Hansel and Gretel (pt 2/3)

Interpretive dance - Hansel and Gretel (pt 2/3)

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Key Info
  • Interpretive dance - Hansel and Gretel (pt 2/3)
  • Duration: 05:17
  • Using interpretive dance the story of Hansel and Gretel is retold. There is still nothing to eat in the house and their parents argue. But this time the door is locked and Hansel can't fetch pebbles. In the morning the stepmother gives them bread. Hansel uses bread crumbs to lay a trail as their father leads them deeper into the forest. No sooner has he laid the trail than birds eat it, and now they're really lost. They come across a house - a house made of cake and sweets. They're famished, and break off bits of the house to eat. An old woman appears who takes pity on them and invites them into the house.
  • Subject:

    Physical Education


    Dance Activities: Inspiring Dance Pieces

  • Keywords: fiction, children, food, hunger, family, woods, brother, sister, movement, music, acting, costume, house, witch, drama, hanselandgretel, cross-curricular, cross curricular
Ideas for use in class
  • Literacy - recognising the emotions from the concern of their father, the fear and then euphoria of the children, the apparent kindness of the old woman - how are they expressed? Music - turn off the volume and ask the children to compose music to represent the emotions felt during the sections of the clip? DT - designing and creating their own sweet house. The re-telling of the same story to open Part Two is a literary device that lends itself well to English lessons. The initial presentation of the witch allows for an exploration of character for PSHE, as she entices the children through false charm. The slamming of the door at the end of Part Two gives a clear depiction of her true character. The children could explore the role of the house in the story and its centrality in enticing the children in the first place; it speaks of satisfying the rightful desire of hunger but the film also clearly portrays the element of greed in the children's appetite. There is a clear change of setting for the story. The children walk with their father in the light, but enter the forest in the dark and find the house in the light. The children could explore settings in writing and how environment is used to set mood in film and story.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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