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Interpretive dance - Hansel and Gretel (pt 1/3)

Interpretive dance - Hansel and Gretel (pt 1/3)
Key Info
  • Interpretive dance - Hansel and Gretel (pt 1/3)
  • Duration: 06:04
  • Using interpretive dance the story of Hansel and Gretel is retold. The story begins with hunger. Sitting around the table the family ponder a meagre meal. Hansel and Gretel dream of roast chicken and cake, but all there is to share is a single gherkin. The stepmother shares the gherkin out, giving herself by far the biggest portion. Hansel and Gretel hear their parents argue through the wall. The stepmother urges their father to leave them in the forest. Hansel has a plan, and slips outside to fill his pockets with pebbles. After a restless night, their father takes them into the forest and leaves them there. Hansel's plan works, and the pebbles lead them home.
  • Subject:

    Physical Education


    Dance Activities: Inspiring Dance Pieces

  • Keywords: fiction, children, food, hunger, family, woods, brother, sister, movement, music, acting, costume, house, witch, drama, hanselandgretel, cross-curricular, cross curricular
Ideas for use in class
  • Dance/Literacy - focus on emotions and how they are expressed in the clip. Literacy - characterisation focusing on the stepmother, the father, the children - what do we know about them by watching the clip - looking at physical appearance, actions and emotions. Literacy - looking at how key phrases/captions can be used to give vital clues and information to enhance the dance (children could look at other fairy stories and select key phrases for them). Literacy - look at environment both indoors and outdoors. How does it reflect what we are finding out about the story? Literacy - the establishing shot and the filming of the characters lends itself to literacy work in descriptive writing. The children could see how movements in dance are determined by the story and the setting but also by the character they are seeking to portray. The film shows a clear link between narrative and acting alongside dance and movement, children in upper KS2 should appreciate the genres and how they blend. The relationships between the children themselves and the children and the two adults could be explored, first in PSHE, then in literacy, and then in dance itself.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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