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I never said yes: Sarah’s story - the impact of rape

 I never said yes: Sarah’s story - the impact of rape
Key Info
  • I never said yes: Sarah’s story - the impact of rape
  • Duration: 13:44
  • Pips Taylor investigates the issue of rape in the UK. She speaks to Sarah Scott, a young mum who was raped by an acquaintance after a night out. Sarah pressed charges and took her attacker to court, where he was found guilty. We find out that this not common and Pips discusses the shocking statistics around rape in the UK and the role the Crown Prosecution Service plays in prosecuting rape cases. Sarah describes how she has changed since the rape and how the attack still haunts her and affects her emotional wellbeing. Note: This clip contains sensitive and potentially upsetting material. Teachers should watch the clip in its entirety to ensure it is suitable for classroom use before showing. First broadcast on the 'Learning Zone' in January 2013.
  • Subject:



    Sexual Health

  • Keywords: rape, consent, sexual assault, police investigation, crown prosecution service, CPS, crime, Pips Taylor, courts, victim, criminal justice system, self esteem, risk, relationships, INeverSaidYes, Learning Zone, LearningZone
Ideas for use in class
  • To discuss the crime of rape and conviction rates in the UK. To stimulate discussion on how the justice system treats victims and what can be done to encourage them to testify in court.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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