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How to identify birds from their songs (signed)

How to identify birds from their songs (signed)
Key Info
  • How to identify birds from their songs (signed)
  • Duration: 03:45
  • Some people recognise birds by their songs rather than by their appearance. Birdwatcher Bill Oddie will hear 90% of birds before he sees them and explains how to recognise different bird songs. Gary has been blind from birth and he has been learning to identify bird song since he was six years old. Birds look very different when seen close up, but many birds are small and are often hidden in leafy trees so it is useful to be able to recognise birds from their songs. The dawn chorus in early May is lovely to hear but it is not a good time to learn about bird song as there is too much going on. It is better to start earlier in the year when there are fewer birds singing. Certain phrases are associated with different bird songs.
  • Subject:



    Variation and Classification

  • Keywords: birds, song, identification, birdwatching, blackbird, robin, wood pigeon, collared dove, wren, blue tit, listen, Darwin
Ideas for use in class
  • The clip would be useful to play when learning about variation and classification of different species. It could be useful to play prior to a visit to a bird sanctuary or before going on a school trip where there might be the opportunity to identify bird song. It may be of interest in music lessons if you are listening to a variety of natural sounds and phrases for inspiration prior to pupils composing music of their own.
Background details
  • Clip language : British Sign Language
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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