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How is road traffic controlled in the city of Belfast?

How is road traffic controlled in the city of Belfast?
Key Info
  • How is road traffic controlled in the city of Belfast?
  • Duration: 02:10
  • The work of Belfast's road traffic control centre. Television screens have been installed to show what is happening at fifty or sixty junctions across the city. Controllers can adjust traffic lights if they need to, keeping green lights on for longer to prevent serious jams. In other parts of Northern Ireland, they can monitor traffic light problems and get them rectified. An electronic counting box is able to record the number of vehicles using a specified road. This helps planners decide which roads need improving and where brand new ones might need to be constructed.
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  • Keywords: cars, lorries, vans, traffic jam, planning, CCTV, controlling, control, pedestrian, junction, junctions, traffic control, Belfast, Northern Ireland, traffic lights
Ideas for use in class
  • This would be useful to illustrate the jobs people do that are connected with road services and planning. It could also be used to illustrate the skills required for building projects, e.g. keeping accurate records or doing factual writing. Would also highlight the need for team work, in order to achieve solutions.
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